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In these lean times fewer cows conceive, and fewer calves survive the crucial crunch of summer before the deadening of winter.
Pods are tasty in stir fries, and they add crunch to salads.
More jam flavors the buttercream frosting, and sliced almonds add crunch.
Store-bought meringue cookies add crunch, while pistachios lace the layers with nutty sweetness.
The sprouts give a touch of crunch and sweetness, the basil depth.
Sweet and juicy mango mirrors the flavor of perfectly cooked shrimp, while toasted coconut adds crunch.
Hazelnuts and cornmeal give these pancakes a nutty crunch and help them stick with you throughout the day.
Caraway seeds are a great match for potatoes, adding lively flavor and crunch.
Its crisp apple still has crunch to it, yet there's caramel from a little aging too.
Crunch went the snow as he crossed the soccer field.
It may be that the risk of a full-fledged credit crunch was high enough to make this worth doing.
But instrumental prowess is no more or less primal than a three-chord crunch.
More crunch than munch, the males' abdomens are hollow.
At last a wave thrust the boat onto the gravelly shore with a resounding crunch.
Hyenas will even crunch up bone, digesting the organic content and excreting calcium.
He hits a bump, flies through the air, and lands with a deadly crunch.
Instead of gliding down the aisle, you crunch down it, tromping on piles of dead bug bodies.
The number is expected to rise significantly as scientists crunch data and examine specimens in laboratories in coming weeks.
Yes, there they were, adding crunch to my delicious lunch salad.
He served us tea, some kind of peanut crunch with dates and jujube fruits.
The computer was able to win because of the computational programming that allows it to crunch data at superhuman levels.
Computer programs can crunch data faster than people.
But the plan's impact would be felt when a credit crunch hits and mortgage funding becomes scarce.
Mandel continues to number-crunch and finds that the nitty gritty is even uglier than the big picture.
They delight in its crunch in raw slaws and its melting smoothness in cold-weather braises.
Interest rates were not falling, and that made the credit crunch worse.
Today's computer chips are chunks of silicon that use electrical pulses to crunch data.
But new technology does offer novel and enterprising tools for dealing with the coming power crunch.
The challenge is in choosing which data to crunch and how to act on the results.
The universe becomes ever hotter and denser, eventually contracting all the way to a big crunch.
Footsteps crunch frozen tundra, and dancing shoes step gingerly over ice-covered rivulets.
They use their powerful chewing apparatus to crunch through the shells.
Those sites crunch the data and give you a breakdown of where the juice went.
Many were concerned, however, about having to implement them during a budget crunch.
Because neither the farmers nor their bankers anticipated the steepness of the price declines, a credit crunch quickly ensued.
The entire stock market seemed to be in free fall as fears mounted that the credit crunch was going to trigger a recession.
The universe becomes ever hotter and denser, eventually contracting all the way to a big crunch.
The results are then sent back to researchers to crunch further.
The white noise not only made the food less tasty, it also increased the perceived crunch of the food.
The credit crunch is really hitting a lot of electric car manufacturers.
If omega is more than one, the universal expansion slows and eventually reverses, collapsing in a cosmic crunch.
Try to find time on a supercomputer to crunch your process.
The joy of jellyfish, she explains, lies in their crunch.
Machines can capture a cell's total genetic activity and then crunch the results for clues to disease.
They are a bit away from where you will be, so time may be your crunch.
But unlike others, it didn't relieve that crunch by exiling collections to remote locations or disposing of little-used holdings.
Many academics are eager to lend a hand-or crunch a data set-for the cause.
In the meantime, however, there's no denying the crunch.
One common response to the crunch has been to raise tuition.
Walk down the sidewalk and hear the crack vials and discarded syringes crunch under your feet.
Until this week the politicians trying to tackle the credit crunch had done little to restore this essential ingredient.
Financial innovation has a bad reputation at the moment, because exotic derivatives were one of the causes of the credit crunch.
The crunch has lasted long enough to spawn its own publishing mini-boom, as authors have raced to give their diagnoses in print.
The credit crunch continues to depress ratings in the developed world.
Add a credit crunch on top and the risks of a sharp slowdown, even a recession, are uncomfortably high.
If falling prices raise the rate of default, that could in turn worsen the credit crunch, putting yet more pressure on prices.
The credit crunch almost plunged the world into depression.
Reckless loans led to the credit crunch, then to meltdown.
As the credit crunch drags on, markets are driving a harder bargain with even sovereign borrowers in rich countries.
Add the second channel for anything from a slight crunch to grin-inducing distortion.
It's getting down to crunch time in the debt ceiling debate.
Even the texture is perfect, with the wet crunch of the lettuce mirrored by the dry croutons.
Here that sweet, nutty crunch puts the soup right over the top.
Some toasted sesame seeds would add a welcome crunch.
Glazed pecans add some crunch to the layers of silky pudding, ripe bananas, and tender cake.
The easy answer is to taste a good one-one with crunch to its crust and a glistening white ribbon of sweet pork inside.
The past year has seen such additions as subprime and credit crunch.
With all these distractions, oil companies didn't see the refining crunch coming, or preferred to look the other way.
In a cash crunch, closets are often the first to feel the pinch.
It's down to crunch time for many of us in the fantasy world.
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