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Matt made the fire in one of those metal cylinders you use to ignite charcoal with crumpled-up newspapers.
Absent that gadget you can make a circle of crumpled tin foil, put the circle on your burner, put the pot on the circle.
She was taken by car to a hotel where she tried to stand but immediately crumpled in a heap.
Their goal is to have an unmanned aircraft that can be crumpled down and carried or stored in small spaces.
When he returned to their bedroom, she was crumpled on the carpet in her pajamas, almost gone.
My colleagues run the gamut from crumpled khakis to serious power dressing.
Put a pile of crumpled small shopping bags from elegant stores on a table.
Since things will get kind of crumpled up as you're sewing, you might as well do the real ironing afterwards.
Cover the crumpled newspaper with a large sheet of aluminum foil or plastic wrap.
There were crumpled cigarette packages and used rolls of tape.
After each meeting, an aide would round up whatever notes were left, even if they had been crumpled or ripped up.
It smelled of gasoline and motor oil, and it was messy with rags and crumpled paper towels.
She knelt by roadkill-a crumpled porcupine, a shattered deer.
The display can also be folded in half or crumpled up without incurring any damage.
It has a fingerprint scanner for the illiterate and accepts crumpled and soiled bank notes too.
His group has also enabled the first end-to-end completion of reliably picking up a crumpled laundry article and folding it.
All the pink and silver crumpled up upon the ground.
These scavengers darted after crumpled cigarette packs tossed from cars with tinted windows.
She was trapped in the crumpled vehicle, but to her shock, she was still alive.
Some cultures will leave the vanquished dead rotting in a crumpled heap, while others choose to eat them.
The cone is solid and made of crumpled up aluminum foil.
Here's how to beat your brother at one-on-one-or sink that crumpled memo in the office recycling bin.
Their wastebasket contained several scraps of crumpled paper covered with smudged images of copies that hadn't turned out well.
The floor was strewn with the detritus of the day's crumpled newspapers and not-quite-yesterday's awful news.
Roads atop thawing permafrost crumpled in mid-construction.
Mac, crumpled on the bottom of the raft, smiled back.
So she crumpled the message up and threw it in the wastebasket, and she didn't even mention it to us.
Missiles of crumpled paper cups come sailing into the ring and barely miss the two fighters.
These are clothes meant to be crumpled-loose-fitting frocks with nary a zipper or buttonhole.
And though his body went on as before, the soul inside had crumpled and broken beyond repair.
Someone finally hands him a crumpled copy, with about nine seconds to spare.
He is all bewilderment-messed-up shirt, crumpled body.
He crumpled it and held it to the middle of his forehead.
He fumbled in his pockets and handed me a crumpled slip of paper.
With trembling hands he clutched a crumpled brown paper bag containing an immigration stamp.
From the air their sagebrush cloaks seem as soft as crumpled velvet.
What a lovely surprise--the answer to a prayer, his disciples suggested--that the buildings actually crumpled, killing thousands.
If left on, a crumpled blanket allows for excessive heat build-up within the blanket.
At the end of half an hour, the flat towel will weigh less than the crumpled one.
Upon impact the seaplane crumpled and gasoline spewed onto him from the broken tank.
Stuff crumpled white paper towels into a clear plastic cup.

Famous quotes containing the word crumpled

By straightening out and lifting a forefinger, He pointed with his hand from where it lay Like a white crumpledmore
As a great buck it powerfully appeared, Pushing the crumpled water up ahead, And landed pouring like a wate... more
This is the maiden all forlorn That milked the cow with the crumpled horn... more
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