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Example sentences for crumple

Crumple two sheets of newspaper and place them in the bottom of a box or pan.
Crumple a few sheets of newspaper and set them in the bottom of the larger box.
Still today, websites can crumple under heavy loads.
The extra weight was built in to take care of the air bags, crumple zones and other safety requirements of modern cars.
Crumple the napkin into a ball and soak it in the hot water.
After the nose of the jet curled up, the jet began to crumple.
Midway through the crumple, the jet exploded into a giant fireball.
The energy you add to a sheet as you crumple it, they have found, causes it to buckle along a series of sharp ridges.
Take a piece of paper and crumple it into as small a ball as you can.
Before the race, crumple your race bib into a ball a few times to make it softer and less likely to cause pain.
The single tower's legs will be linked by struts intended to crumple, absorbing the shock.
After reading it through once more, my first response was to crumple it into a ball.
Within a minute or two the can will crumple as if squeezed by some invisible giant hand.
Crumple up a piece of wax paper and unfold it for a trap cover.
Within less than a minute you will observe the can begin to crumple, as if squashed by an invisible hand.
Roll or crumple a second sheet of paper and drop it from the same height.
Crumple and place in the bottom of a vase to securely hold a flower arrangement.
Keep holding removed glove with gloved hand and crumple it into a ball.
The crumple zone is the part of a package that gets damaged due to dropping.
Now take the aluminum foil boat and crumple it up into a ball and put it back on the water.
Colliding continents result in mountains as they crumple up.
Crumple one piece of paper and keep the other straight.
Angeline's face is a crumple of peony, disarranged from crying.
Effect of cotton seedling infection by cotton-leaf crumple virus on subsequent growth and yield.
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