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Example sentences for crumbly

The ceramic superconductors are brittle and crumbly and therefore it's troublesome to make wires, bricks, etc out of them.
Any stone that is not overly soft and crumbly seems to have been used for a wall.
The ideal riverbank is crumbly enough for the birds to excavate a nesting burrow with their beaks.
The ethyl groups replace oxygen in the silicate ion chains, creating a solid but crumbly silicone polymer.
Imagine trying to climb down that craggy, crumbly wall in a spacesuit.
Add the butter and pulse until the mixture is crumbly.
Raspberries with the virus develop small, crumbly fruit that is unsuitable for use as whole berries.
It is usually darker than lower layers, loose, and crumbly with varying amounts of organic matter.
Smoking the ceilings hardened the volcanic tuff and made it less crumbly.
And then rolling it up into a sort of tube before it becomes crumbly.
The soot would help seal the crumbly volcanic tuff and help prevent grit and dirt from constantly sifting down onto the floor.
The compost is ready when it looks dark and crumbly and the starting ingredients are no longer be visible.
Cliff edges should be avoided at all times since they tend to be crumbly and unstable.
In a large bowl, add flour, nuts and butter then mix throughly with your fingers until mixture becomes crumbly.
The rice bread is still considered dry and crumbly, and hence, unacceptable by the consumers.
Topsoil is loose and crumbly with varying amounts of organic matter.
Fusarium dry rot is typically dry, crumbly, and brown in color.
Bath salts appear as pure white to light brown substances and are made up of a water-soluble, crumbly powder with a slight odor.
Mix the melted butter with the muffin mix, stir until the mixture is a crumbly consistency.
Otherwise, livers often become swollen and crumbly with small reddened or pale spots.
They can live in almost any type of desert habitat, but they do require crumbly soils in order to build burrows and nests.
It is crumbly, has a high moisture content, and is typically burned in power plants for electrical production.
Loose, crumbly, or water-damaged material may release fibers.
Compost is a dark, crumbly and earthy-smelling form of organic matter that has gone through a natural decomposition process.
Stir in the margarine, vanilla, and pecans until crumbly.
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