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Example sentences for crumble

Crumble tomato into grinder and grind to a fine powder.
As the leaves crumble, leaf fragments fall to the ground.
For example, nests may fall because they were built too rapidly, or may crumble because of prolonged wet or humid weather.
When approached from the top, the vertical edge of a highwall may not be seen in time or may crumble, leading to a fatal fall.
Take away one piece of an antique political structure, and perhaps other pieces will crumble, too.
These anecdotes you present don't even sound reasonable on the surface, and crumble under the slightest scrutiny.
Damage their ego, and the whole tower begins to crumble.
Art and attention are turned inward, as personal expression flourishes in new media and old public spaces crumble.
Huddled in a tight formation, they wolf down bowls of rhubarb crumble.
It would be foolish to attempt to tie a structure to a sandy rock that would crumble at the first strong pull from the anchor.
Business models will crumble, sure, but others will be born.
Undead soldiers are invulnerable, but will crumble to dust after a short while.
The physical foundations of our civilization will crumble under the weight of our complaints about it and our neglect of it.
The entire edifice of our social and political system is starting to crumble.
Old theories don't crumble, their limits simply become more sharply defined.
When album sales began to crumble and radio fragmented, these bands were mostly unaffected.
We know that empires crumble: what's interesting is how.
To try two variations on the plum-raspberry crumble, click here for the recipes.
The books then explore the way the characters rise to the challenge, crumble under their burdens, or learn to share them.
Now, there's a chance that this whole thing can crumble.
The structural changes in labor markets make it more likely that wage levels will crumble in a severe economic downturn.
But as the temperatures climb and the edges crumble evaporation in the area is increasing and precipitation further inland is too.
When the dry amber began to crumble, the officials instead tried hiding the room behind thin wallpaper.
Centuries-old pages flutter from broken bindings and crumble into scraps.
If she can't keep up the pretense that everything is perfect, she will crumble and die.
In the process, she has seen her life crumble further.
From there it's easy to imagine tiny, sugar-poached tomatoes nestled alongside summer berries in a simple tart or crumble.
Spoon the filling into the chilled shell, smoothing the top, and crumble the topping evenly over it.
Drain on paper towels, reserving fat in skillet, then crumble.
The pear-apple-cranberry with walnut crumble is particularly addictive.
Crumble brown sugar evenly over bottom of dish, pressing with a metal spatula to make an even layer.
Toss rhubarb with confectioners sugar and sprinkle batter with rhubarb, then crumble streusel evenly on top.
Use sweet plums, rich in phenols and vitamins, in this colorful crumble.
Stone fruits and berries bring nutrients and color to this easy crumble.
Without the tax, the already stressed highway system would crumble and the economy would suffer further.
But the tenses apparently tend to crumble without help.
But this conspiracy of silence, which only helps perpetuate the tragedy, is beginning to crumble.
Crumble the feta into a large bowl and mix in the cottage cheese.
When prices stopped rising last year, the edifice began to crumble.
The layers of shale, which make up the ridge, crumble underfoot.
After a few weeks, droppings become gray and crumble easily.
Over sanding can cause the plaster to weaken or crumble.
The fish-meal-crumble coated sachet was preferred significantly more than other bait matrices.
Darker surfaces that crumble easily indicate cryptogamic soils.
Crumble oatmeal mixture over the top of the cherries.
These blocks crumble under the weight of an aircraft, enabling a plane to stop safely and quickly in an emergency.
Forms a cast which will crumble when lightly touched.
It was highly friable and starting to crumble and spread inside and outside the building.
Careless explosions of large amounts of powder might crumble the walls.
The cliffs at the falls are arkosic sandstone and crumble easily.
They are far duller folk than their caricatures and the offences they are accused of crumble on closer examination.
Investors lined up to place money with him, but this year his own house has appeared to crumble.
But as long as they persist, development will be stymied, confidence in the government will crumble and investors will stay away.
It has borrowed hundreds of billions of dollars to stimulate the enfeebled economy, while tax revenues crumble.
Those who have not lost a job have seen their wages frozen or the value of their savings crumble.
And he describes wasteful construction of items such as roads that quickly crumble away.
In some countries, even such basics as water, electricity and universal education are starting to crumble.
Shake the walls and they crumble, so that the concrete falls and crushes anyone underneath.
Thanks to these companies the old restrictions have started to crumble.
Build too weighty a project on those fragile foundations and it will crumble.
The government, it seemed, could sit back in relative comfort and wait for the strike to crumble.
But even if he succeeds, his credibility as the head of a captious party is likely to crumble.
Unit testing is far more straightforward-it is easier to test if a brick will crumble than if an entire structure is sound.
The monarchy's carefully fostered image could crumble overnight.
If mind reading were made possible and available to the public, our society would crumble.
And as old business divisions crumble, a strong brand in one sector can provide the credibility to enter another.
Add only enough liquid so the dough comes together and doesn't crumble.
Warm pear crumble, caramel pot de creme or chocolate spice doughnut with peanut butter curry ice cream.

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