cruiser in a sentence

Example sentences for cruiser

Explore on cruiser bikes, then snuggle under duvets made of recycled plastic.
The beach cruiser bikes come fully loaded with helmet, basket, and total adorableness.
The armored cruiser squadron met you, and left you again, when you were half way round the world.
The second battleship went down, the cruiser was crippled, and the lone surviving destroyer reversed course and withdrew.
The cause was not a malfunctioning alien star-cruiser but a small asteroid or comet that detonated as it approached the ground.
He and the rest of the bump team have been using the retired police cruiser below to test the software's abilities.
So break free-cruiser carpets and quads will still be there when you return from the wilds.
Looters, arrested while digging, include policemen who parked their cruiser right beside the trench.
It's neither a yacht nor a pleasure cruiser, but a gun-gray warship.
The solar panels are installed in the rear deck of the cruiser, with direct wiring to the vehicle's battery.
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