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Example sentences for cruelly

Not only are they cruelly torturing cats, but also all the wildlife that they inflict their cats upon.
Vick should to community service caring for all animals that have been treated cruelly.
Of course there is the off chance that the design stems from a cruelly ironic intelligence.
It's tempting to dwell on the final moments of the loved ones whose lives were taken so cruelly.
But this time he was cruelly jilted-by his scriptwriter and director, in equal parts.
When you're dying onstage, the message arrives quickly and cruelly.
What's more, the pork comes in a cruelly fragile bun, which leaves you cupping fistfuls of meat and disintegrating bread.
In the memoir, he appeared as a fully formed editorial big shot, albeit one who was cruelly and unfairly knocked off his perch.
My delicate sense of optimism has been ripped cruelly from its stem.
It personalized the election result in a provocative way, but it was cruelly accurate.
The judge commanded them to be hung on the rack and cruelly tortured.
But the piece which behaves so cruelly is not unknown to us either.
Too often their white night-gowns hide tortured little bodies and limbs cruelly bruised by inhuman hands.
The children made havoc among the bugs, and crushed them cruelly.
Warm and generous with his friends, he could be cruelly dismissive of his intellectual rivals.
Today, amid a heavy crackdown on dissent, they sound cruelly prescient.
She had such a desire to help her country that she was treated cruelly and unjustly by her own corrupted government.
It occurred to some that he might have betrayed his own parents almost as cruelly.
Most invest little and squeeze their peasant share-croppers cruelly.
His failings as a manager have been cruelly exposed.
But it seemed that that particular mind and imagination could not be struck down: dulled perhaps, but not cruelly reduced.
As in all guerrilla wars, civilians are cruelly treated by both sides.
Cruelly, an online user is worth much less-because his or her value can be so easily measured-than a traditional reader.
And two years ago, our hopes and dreams were cruelly betrayed.
Pacing isn't a problem: he lashes his characters cruelly from set piece to set piece.
Last night, they put the tapes to cruelly brilliant use.
Violators can be arrested and/or cited, and their neglected or cruelly-treated pets can be confiscated.
Puppies and kittens not purchased or given away may be later abandoned, neglected or treated cruelly.
For this she was cruelly punished, and her allowance of food reduced.
The school and its owner cruelly deceived students by claiming that its courses were properly accredited when they were not.
Intentionally and cruelly excluding someone from an online group.

Famous quotes containing the word cruelly

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