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Crudely speaking, there are two ways to manage its effects.
Civilization should not be a matter of survival of the fittest, to put it crudely.
So he talked crudely to a friend about some students in private emails to a friend.
Yao sat on the other bed, which had been crudely extended: the head consisted of a wooden cabinet covered with blankets.
But the illusion of reality was undercut by the guiding device, a crudely rendered disembodied hand.
It is said the stores are poorly stocked, incompetently staffed and crudely organized.
Put crudely, gin is not too different from flavored vodka: it's likewise a neutral grain spirit.
He is also reported to hold crudely nationalistic views.
It was a clock bomb, rather crudely made but fueled by ten gallons of nitroglycerin.
Obtain a good map of your portion of the river so that you aren't navigating blindly or crudely.
Most of the reports are vague, filled with incongruent detail, or crudely fabricated.
Migrations of artists are only crudely related to fluctuations in exchange rates.
Somewhat more crudely, the administration made a similar point.
Thus, however crudely it may be for now, it is already possible to detect emotions to some degree.
He not only knew how to set up the board, which was crudely fashioned with a piece of plywood and a felt-tipped pen.
That, put crudely, is how many people regard pacifism.
Crudely put, if a state manages its money prudently, a pot of money will be on hand to provide liquidity in case of need.
Crudely speaking, the more people trust each other, the better off their society.
The good idea is to tax part of financial firms' liabilities-crudely put, their debt.
The first may be crudely characterised as fund-raising.
Its evolution can be crudely split into three periods.
Crudely put, the brain's neural networks can be thought of as electrical circuits.
Both countries still cling to crudely caricatured images of each other.
For evidence of the charge, the government offered a crudely doctored videotape.
To put it crudely: as one bubble burst, another started to inflate.
To put the blame entirely on the economy may seem crudely deterministic.
Today, many would dismiss such crudely racist views as belonging to a tiny right-wing lunatic fringe.
The other room was a primitive kitchen, with a metal bin and one tilted shelf nailed crudely to the wall.
If you want to tip the dancer, don't try to crudely stuff bills into her bra.
Flaking is crudely parallel oblique with the flake scars extending downward to the right.
Crudely done, these early sketches had to be redrawn by others before publication.
Broad, stemmed points which tend to be thick and crudely chipped.
If the badges lack any of these elements, or if they look crudely made, they're fake.
Additionally, there is a broadband silicon detector that can crudely measure the direct normal broadband irradiance.
The electronic nose tires to crudely replicate the human nose and can distinguish samples based on their aroma profile.
To learn how bathymetry can be mapped crudely from digital imagery and the limitations of the results.
They used the crudely refined oil to pave roads, to burn in oil lamps, and as a lubricant for machinery.
The water is crudely filtered in the rock, and the time spent underground allows debris and mud to fall out of suspension.
Flow foliation, although variable and erratic in detail, defines a crudely domal pattern.
The points where these deep earthquakes originate crudely define planes dipping deep under the continents.
Three of these environments could be crudely characterized.
Eight families spent that winter in the crudely-constructed fort which soon became infested with insects.

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