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The new interpretation is bound to face a fiery crucible as its merits are debated by scientists.
Only those of us who have shared the crucible of war can truly understand how the bond unites us.
The scientific method is the crucible in which only fact can emerge.
Promising bloodlines can now be developed, though the crucible of the racetrack remains several seasons away.
Coherence need not be the crucible for evaluating the schizophrenic rants of a homicidal megalomaniac.
In a crucible of war, you toss out ideas that don't work.
The nightmare realities have been etherealized in the crucible of his language.
With no experience of participatory politics, the parties are having to learn much too quickly, in a burning crucible.
The open-air museum features industrial artifacts such as waterwheels and the world's only surviving crucible steel furnace.
Any student of war knows the area has been a crucible for conflict for centuries.
It was also the world's first industrial city, the crucible of a revolution that went on to transform the world.
The relationship would evolve and change day to day, sometimes maybe even hour by hour in the crucible.
Cover the crucible and place in an electric muffle furnace.
The crucible may or may not require water-cooling depending upon the type of material used in crucible construction.
The crucible should sit flat, and the lid should be level with the lid of the reference crucible.
The system heats the samples without melting or vaporizing them, in a small-volume ceramic crucible.
Induction evaporation uses radiofrequency radiation to evaporate the metal in a crucible.
Please consult with the crucible manufacturer to determine appropriate replacement parts and testing requirements.
The crucible remote-handling tool is used to remove and replace the crucible as needed for maintenance.
Once the gold, copper and silver are melted together, the crucible is set aside to cool.
The samples were placed in an alumina crucible with the vanadium slug on top.

Famous quotes containing the word crucible

But the star-glistered salver of infinity, The circle, blind crucible of endless space, Is sluiced by motio... more
The studio has become the crucible where human genius at the apogee of its development brings back to quest... more
The high plains, the beginning of the desert West, often act as a crucible for those who inhabit them. Like... more
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