crowning in a sentence

Example sentences for crowning

Otherwise you risk cupping and crowning of the wood after it is sanded and finished.
Rationality is the crowning achievement of our species.
Headlessness will be cloning's crowning achievement.
But don't fill up, because the dessert table is the crowning glory.
The crowning achievement for them would be to create magic good enough to fool other magicians.
Plume-dominated fires can include crowning or can be caused by crowning when wind or slopes are no longer pushing the fire.
The entrance facade features a projecting pavilion of rusticated limestone with a crowning pediment.
Crowning and closing shall be done by approved machinery.
Perhaps the marble egg crowning her headdress refers to regeneration and continuity.
Because of windy conditions the fire is extremely active with crowning and spotting observed.
As a stand becomes denser, active crowning occurs at lower wind speeds, and the stand is more vulnerable to crown fire.

Famous quotes containing the word crowning

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