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As he stumbled, drunk, he lifted a crown of flowers from his head.
Nostrils slid back up the snout toward the crown of the head, becoming blowholes.
Cut a circle of aluminum foil roughly the shape of the crown roast and place in center of roasting pan.
But they are considering opening the crown again so the view would be spectacular.
The four-year-old-first crown prince and then uncrowned pretender-served nine decades longer, with brains and charm.
Many observers conclude that the crown must be behind the crackdown.
The recently discovered crown of the tree goes with stumps discovered over a century ago.
S low-growing, rather formal-looking plant with conical, dense crown.
The stainless steel case includes a push button adjusting screw crown on the face of the watch.
AP is not so much the jewel in its crown as the crown itself.
Selected for flavor rather than hardiness, they are the crown jewels of summer.
Thrones boasts braided story lines, inscrutable colloquialisms, and a never-ending pursuit to crown a king.
Small to large tree with broad, rounded crown of spreading or drooping branches and the largest leaves of all maples.
The king wanted to know whether his crown was made of pure gold, as stipulated, or whether the goldsmith had mixed some silver in.
Tufted pink centers crown these double flowers, great for cutting.
The mouth is inside the ring or horseshoe-shaped crown.
Before the process of forgetting this ever happened can begin, all that is left is to crown the victor.
And unless something is done about it, another crown could slip.
Shrub or small tree with a short trunk and an open, spreading crown.
Its mineral crystal is recessed to dodge blows, and the screw-down crown is offset to four o'clock so it won't dent your wrist.
None of his options is enviable-though choosing the right one could crown a long career in finance.
Tree with long, straight trunk and usually narrow, dense crown.
White trunk and branches and open crown make it a good specimen tree.
The tallest native cottonwood, with open crown of erect branches and sticky, resinous buds with balsam odor.
Shrub or small tree with rounded crown of spreading and drooping branches, usually forming clumps and often in thickets.
Large tree with dark or blue-green foliage and a dense, narrow, conical crown of short branches spreading in close rows.
They are prone to root rot and crown rot if drainage is poor.
Immature: less-distinct yellow patch on brown crown.
They may pop out in response to pishing and raise their crown feathers when agitated.
Sharply rising branches form a dense, oval to round crown.
Crown merges with forehead and bill in a smooth line.
The statues are life-size and show the seated goddess wearing a crown.
The winning gladiator collected prizes that might include a palm of victory, cash and a crown for special valor.
Even among crown-birds, egg turning is not ubiquitous.
The watch has an integrated light pusher, behind the screw crown.
The birds are naturally gray and their heads are topped with a crimson crown.
She wears a crown with seven rays in it, representing the seven seas and continents.
Even in the height of summer, wisps of snow crown the jagged mountain peaks that surround the town on three sides.
They splashed into the leafy crown of a nearby tree and then plunged into another, as if diving from one green pool to the next.
But compelling as that slogan was, in truth the shopper was cheated of the crown.
Temperate-forest fires burn hot and fast, and sometimes all the way up to the crown of a tree.
For they also gave people a sense of belonging to the land itself as much as to the crown.
From the outset, half of the bank's net profits were claimed by the crown.
But getting a well-crafted goal in the waning minutes of extra time to crown a champion is a rare and heart-pounding treat.
Guests can climb the stairwell within the actual structure and exit at the observation deck located in the statue's crown.
Try installing crown molding about six inches lower than the ceiling, then adding rope lighting inside.

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