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Highways are congested and the skies are getting crowded.
Too busy with the crowded hour to fear to live or die.
In general, a crowded auction makes slam bidding more difficult, but it can provide a useful clue.
It's got a large enough surface for me to spread out everything without feeling crowded.
Small firms are crowded out of markets for people and skills by the chaebol.
It's bad enough that in today's crowded and interconnected world small outbreaks can blossom inadvertently into huge epidemics.
The effect is similar to turning down all the background noise in a crowded room.
There's also the threat of pathogens that could thrive in crowded pens and escape to harm natural fish populations.
Seatback upright and tray table locked, you're oblivious to the crowded flight paths around you.
If scientists were smart, they would establish their careers and then find each other across crowded conference rooms.
For small brands fighting for recognition in crowded markets, almost any publicity is beneficial, he reckons.
Some animal populations engage in destructive and aggressive behavior when in a limited space or crowded place.
He blows a few bars, his rich, resonant tone unmistakable even in this crowded room.
However, expect it to be crowded if visiting in summer.
She runs upstairs into a crowded house and starts begging for help from the doctor.
Now they are crowded out by informational effluvium.
In the crowded field of global health, ailments must beg for attention.
In crowded shantytowns, the need for clean water and sanitation is urgent.
If you find yourself in a crowded building during an emergency, perhaps the last thing you want to see is an obstructed exit.
Companies are attempting to compete in today's crowded tablet market by slashing product prices to undercut rivals.
What was a frumpy, crowded space suddenly looks full of possibility.
The market is crowded with firms with a few snazzy products, but weak brands.
Though crowded in summer, the lodge makes a peaceful outpost for long day hikes in spring.
My favorite: a couple meet when they're forced to sit together at a crowded restaurant.
Carrier decks are small and crowded by airfield standards, and constantly moving.
If it is a crowded session, then the only question is whether you can find a seat.
The park also includes several beaches where visitors can find solitude even on a crowded day.
They're crowded into feedlots where they wallow in their own filth as they are larded up with saturated fat.
The word has gotten out about how great the town is, and it's getting crowded.
Leaves are clustered or crowded near branch ends, turn or more add to my plant list.
Still no repeat winners, making for a crowded platform at the top.
The reason the convention felt less crowded was the space itself.
Many crowded fish farms are maintained with illegal antibiotics and veterinary drugs.
Everyday citizens crowded lecture halls and devoted themselves to the sciences.
Divided crowded clumps and replanted vigorous divisions in late winter or early spring.
It's becoming a crowded market for three-wheel city cars.
Imagine trying to eavesdrop on a group of people crowded in a room.
On regular days, the stores buzz with the excitement of a crowded nightclub.
For safety's sake, avoid flying when the park is crowded.
Still the device faces a big challenge in distinguishing itself in a crowded market.
But with more than two people watching a film, things can get a little crowded.
Because swimming isn't safe here, it gets much less crowded than other beaches in the area.
Imagine a beach crowded with vacationers enjoying the hot summer sun.
But a hike through its outer fringes these days feels positively crowded.
Barely a decade after cellular phones arrived, cellular channels are so crowded that a dial tone is a scarce resource.
If any more flowing juices and beating hearts crowded in here, the place might start moving around on its own.
Bacteria can tell how crowded their environment is by detecting the concentration of a chemical that all individual cells secrete.
Be prepared for an invasion of your personal space on the crowded cars.
Crowded conditions, crime, and disease were rampant.
They are not now because the government has crowded them out.
It also guaranteed that some well prepared students would be crowded out.
As anyone who's ever flown knows, the runway is a crowded place.
They may decide to move here and make it all crowded and stuff.
In a crowded field of skis, each year one rises above the rest.
It's my go-to paper writing device now, and can easily slip into an already crowded bag.
As with any major city, avoid walking alone at night and watch for pickpockets in crowded markets and on buses.
They face a potential combination of crowded flights, high fares and labor disruptions.
We had been spending too much time in crowded, confined, urban places.
By this stage, many weeds will have been killed by mowing or crowded out by the growing lawn.
The park is beautiful in fall, and much less crowded than it is in summer.
Hospitals are crowded with the victims of tribal vendettas.
But the pews were packed, the extra chairs claimed, the doorways crowded.
The city's residents and workers are used to its crowded, sticky public-transport system.
Other nationalities that begin at the bottom make a fresh start when crowded up the ladder.
And future deeds crowded round us as the countless stars in the night.
The knights crowded round them, and with one voice hailed them as equals in glory.
It did not have to be dragged into the discussion at intervals, but crowded in unbidden.
The neighborhood was new and not crowded at the start.
He gripped me by the arm, and the others crowded round.
Only a few important facts from his crowded biography can be given here.
All these ideas and needs crowded themselves upon us with a seriousness that seemed well-nigh overwhelming.
Its influence is felt for many blocks around in that crowded part of the city.
The scene then changed to the crowded hall of a hotel.
It is always more pleasant to fly on an uncrowded flight than on a crowded one.
The more astronomers look for other worlds, the more they find that it is a crowded and crazy cosmos.
It makes for great shots, but you have to remember there are lots of beaches that are crowded with sunbathers and swimmers.
Although cruise ships are generally crowded, each ship offers various places to get away.
The problem is no less pronounced here than in other crowded cities of the world.
While summer is a fine time to discover these attractions, in the wintertime it will be less crowded and more peaceful.
The middle of the week is almost always less crowded than weekends, but some parades and shows are not offered.
City surveys confirm that sidewalks are becoming more crowded.
The edifice was crowded, and an indescribable scene of confusion followed.
On the crowded beach, it's the best cover for people who are going to exchange their secrets.
The large parking lot can be crowded, but the falls promise a wet and wild time and do not disappoint.
People must be housed and fed, and the crowded conditions pose public health risks.
Though sometimes crowded, the prime coastline is so vast that you can undoubtedly find an area to surf all by yourself.
In the past, the town charged a fee to bury loved ones in the crowded cemetery.
Wildlife workers have also moved some koalas to less crowded areas.
Some miss their targets, while neighborhood squabbles are frequent on the crowded wire.
Hours earlier, as daylight faded, thousands crowded into a huge outdoor sports complex.
As the world's coasts get more crowded, geologists are finding that tsunamis occur more often than once thought.
The room is alive with afternoon light and crowded with plants and flowers.
On sunny days, a walkway skirting the river is crowded with bikers, hikers and bird-watchers.
Crowded out from water and pressured to walk long distances in search of grazing, countless zebras perished.
Carrying satchels filled with cash, jewels and amulets, they crowded into boathouses on the beach.
As the blaze approached, panicked inhabitants crowded on docks awaiting evacuation, or worse.
The surrounding trees and swamp foliage are crowded with birds.
Outside, a worker standing waist-deep in the raceway crowded the fish toward a hydraulic pump, using a broom to goad stragglers.
Fifty white students are crowded into a too-tight circle.
Although rejection happens so often in the crowded academic market, there is still a strange kind of denial about it.
As the regulatory field becomes more crowded, so regulation produces echoes in other regulatory bodies.
Crowded into this demand for increased graduation rates are several distinct lines of argument.
It's easy, since this place-the library-is crowded, packing in the equivalent of a fourth of the student population on a good day.
Television was a solitary activity that crowded out other forms of social connection.
The robot does not have the kind of rapid response time that will make it truly effective on crowded streets, say the researchers.
Herndon sits at her desk in an office that's crowded but meticulously organized.
Every day our neighborhood appears a bit more crowded--and dangerous.
Your favorite coffee shop is crowded with harried people, and you are standing shoulder to shoulder in a slow-moving line.
It will take quite a lot to convince people to abandon their cars and take slow, crowded, and generally unpleasant public transit.
The parties start gathering about ten o'clock, and after the midnight service every place is crowded to capacity.
But this crowded family-style restaurant, with its high-walled wooden booths and sawdust-covered floors, isn't about settling in.
The helicopter vibrates as it hovers, and the three officers scan the crowded city for any signs of danger.
As microchips get crowded with more and more components, today's cooling methods will no longer be adequate.
Parallel parking on a crowded city street is no easy task.
S hips and even small boats are a major source of noise and other pollution, a growing concern along today's crowded coasts.
The company enters a market already crowded with developers of hybrid-vehicle batteries.
Finding a purple tree house is small stuff compared with navigating a crowded street.
There is another complicating factor, too: humankind has crowded along the coastline and the oceans are rising.
If your vacation plans for next year include a crowded beach and a mobbed golf course, you may want to reconsider.
In general, a scientific team of more than two is a crowded affair.
There was little revenue outside philanthropic contributions, and the small building was rarely crowded.
His lectures were crowded and his small seminars opened the eyes of many painters to problems of which they were totally unaware.
It was kitschy but the buildings were more or less real and the stores crowded with shoppers and tourists from the provinces.
At last it debouches into an equally crowded space, the chapel itself, which scarcely offers room to turn around.
Writers and editors worked upstairs, in a crowded newsroom with few of the amenities of a conventional office.
For five months he was last or next to last in a crowded field.
The dining room was crowded with boxes, but she was not prepared for the kitchen.
The courtyard, once an idyllic spot full of happy children, was suddenly crowded with idling limousines.
Because of the season, the train was especially crowded, filled with families on holiday.
Walking through a crowded room becomes a complicated maneuver to prevent falling.
For six months he was last or next to last in a crowded field.
These moments were crowded with elements, with carpet fibres and automobiles and the smells of everything that had a smell.
The custom of taking daytime siestas and working late into the evening means that the streets are crowded at night.
The air is thick, clammy with the breath of crowded human beings.
Crowded trains, streetcars, and buses-here is the environment in which respiratory infection flourishes.
There's one problem: if we're in a crowded parking lot, he'll go for the handicapped spots.
Combat now is a less crowded affair and more dependent on sophisticated electronic equipment.
As the world becomes more crowded, people must learn to share limited resources intelligently.
The more crowded a private prison becomes, the less it charges for each additional inmate.
Children will become ever briefer parentheses in long, crowded adult existences.
The barn was crowded with pressed hay, and a machine to press it.
Reporters literally raced around the crowded building, trying to grab comments from the world leaders in attendance.
The area's biodiversity is among the richest in the world, and it is becoming more crowded.
What he found was that the uninfected snails grew faster, released far more eggs, and could thrive in far more crowded conditions.
It also has the advantage of being small enough not to look too crowded.
Everyone crowded around the camera, whooping and hollering.
They couldn't form images, but their crowded photoreceptors suggested they were sensitive light detectors.
The rest burst apart, saving space inside the adult's crowded head.
And if a flight is packed, overweight fliers may have to get off the plane and wait for one that's less crowded.
More people are crowded into smaller rooms, and they own fewer aesthetically pleasing possessions.
People who commute on crowded subways are likely to have a smaller distance compared to residents of more rural areas.
Despite all the nattering about crowded airports, the sky is virtually empty, he argues.
We're crowded here, so crowded that we're becoming counter-productive.
The other in a crowded place with hundreds of people around, many of them who work there all day long.
Go to any crowded city in the hot summer and watch the crime rate increase.
It's almost always crowded, because all the courtrooms on the floor use the same one.
Restaurants that are usually crowded at lunch aren't now.
It's tough to stand out on a newsstand crowded with concept covers and abundant cleavage.
Still, it drew two dozen or more reporters, who crowded around the long mahogany table or sat in the perimeter of extra chairs.
Had he ventured out at night he would have seen that some sidewalk caf├ęs remained crowded as well.
Beware of loud arguments and commotions in crowded areas.

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