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Inside a large thatch hut, musicians play loud, frenetic music before a crowd of rowdy onlookers.
But eventually plants will crowd the area, and reduced water could cause drying and die-offs.
Each was a gruesome public spectacle witnessed by a large, enthusiastic crowd.
The soapbox of the digital age draws a crowd of academics.
In fact, he thinks, having a crowd around often makes things better.
The dancing started again with the banging of drums as he was spun in a circle to the delight of the crowd.
One of our all-time favorite grilled shrimp recipes, this main dish is sure to please a crowd.
When the home crowd has been demanding a change for three or four months, eventually the coach will agree.
Other people crowd around tables to check out a mosquito-repelling, battery-powered.
While the pace of crowd foot traffic was adequate, air supply shortage wasn't noticed.
Sixty million years ago, on a planet crawling with mammals, one tree dweller rose above the crowd on paper-thin wings.
The underdog creams a top-ranked opponent-and the crowd goes wild.
The horses were even as they entered the stretch, and the crowd rose as the two jockeys started whipping their mounts.
Porcini-laced meat sauce and grand meatballs top spaghetti for a crowd.
Turning to the crowd has proven pretty popular with security types.
It is easy to mistake the heckler as an adult, one of many mothers in the crowd infuriated by desegregation.
Against this background, it is perhaps surprising that he chose to mix with the crowd.
In fact, they were insistent, as if trying to persuade the crowd.
We moved around the tent, pushing through the crowd to grab samples for each other.
These truly are amazingly, amazingly delicious and easy to make for crowd.
As a result, they were able to adjust their subsequent estimates based on the feedback of the crowd.
Parents and grandparents of the fresh graduates cheer from the crowd.
What makes this shot work is the dramatic burst of blue spurting into the crowd.
Though an amplified voice indicates the machine's importance in the history of science, it rarely draws a crowd.
If there are six people within your zone, that's a crowd and you should be looking down at all times.
Ewald taps her foot rapidly as she sizes up the crowd.
He lets the bikers and the crowd float on parallel planes in a murky light.
People often judge a protest's success by the size of a crowd.
There is something of a science, however, to sorting out crowd sizes.
Extending an experiment at the foundation of quantum physics confirms that two is company and three is a crowd.
That's not particularly relevant for crowd control against protesters.
Rosing turns to the crowd and gestures for everyone to join in.
Space aliens, orbs and crowd demons mystify true believers.
There, they met with the crowd coming down from the other side's escalator.
The trick, they say wryly, is to argue their case without annoying too many people and drawing a crowd.
The crowd behind us begins to swell, as does its frustration.
At sunset, they all crowd there again to get a public bike to ride home.
For best performance, don't crowd it with more aggressive plants.
People, shoulder-to-shoulder are patient and help each other with pictures and walking through the crowd.
The near-sellout crowd was in for quite the theatrical experience.
The spillover crowd is leaning against the walls and sitting cross-legged on the floor.
People crowd around devotees as a priest smashes a coconut on their skull.
These moist, chewy chocolate cookies have a pleasant ginger kick and are a real crowd pleaser.
In other words, they are a tough crowd for a social-science professor.
We put our efforts into those who want to take our steps, and that always seems to be a few out of the new crowd instead of many.
As the crowd gathered in the arena, it was apparent this was no ordinary concert.
But those ideas are often rejected because the creative innovator must stand up to vested interests and defy the crowd.
New transmitters can aim sound waves so that only individuals in a crowd can hear them.
Moving up the mountain a bit will net you a different but equally daunting crowd.
Everyone knows the steps, and they invite members of the crowd to enter the circle.
It's only when the insects are forced to crowd together that they take on a swarm mentality.
Crowd-pleasing nachos are a great weeknight meal when piled high with spicy chorizo, jalapenos, and creamy guacamole.
The owners hand-select the used inventory to cater to the artsy crowd.
On warm summer evenings, she doubles the recipe to feed a crowd without heating up the kitchen.
It was really a matter of following the crowd, of copying how society as a whole viewed them.
It is a good part of sagacity to have known the foolish desires of the crowd and their unreasonable notions.
There was a pause a small crowd of seconds swept by.
It was a trumpet challenge to it to come on, all that could crowd in.
For two hours before he arrived, the crowd listened to various other speakers.
In the general torrent of example every one flatters himself, and relies upon the crowd which goes the same way.
They plunge the clangor of billions of vermilion trumpets into the crowd outside, and echo in faint rose over the pavement.
The scientists then report back the results of the experiments to the crowd to inform future designs.
After many protesters sat down on the floor, the officers marched slowly toward them, pressing the crowd against a wall.
Police arrived, and members of the crowd began throwing objects at the officers.
There were also reports of rocks thrown from the crowd, breaking car windows.
Maybe readers of this blog can help us crowd source a few examples.
Two officers continue to point tear-gas-filled rifles at the crowd, fingers on the trigger, as if waiting for a provocation.
The standing ovation is the original test of crowd wisdom.
Aid agencies relied on text messages from cellphones and crowd-sourced maps to direct rescue workers.
Famous lobby lounge with capsule seats, and bar and river views, is a popular party destination for the in-crowd.
Stands of old-growth spruce, red cedar, and hemlock crowd deserted headlands.
But the stars of the show are the great harvesters, looming over the crowd.
Call it the wisdom of the crowd, which is pretty darn good.
Outside, a few thousand supporters were pushed around by riot police, but this was a poor echo of the crowd seven years ago.
The second problem is that big state-backed enterprises crowd out small entrepreneurial ones.
By mid-week tempers had frayed and the government had started taking more aggressive crowd-control measures.
She is a gifted public speaker, with a knack for rousing a crowd.
About three weeks before each big tournament he would enter a bubble of concentration that muffled even the crowd's applause.
If they go along with the crowd and are right, they are considered smart and get to keep their jobs.
Every so often, the chimp would pick up a stone and chuck it toward the crowd, causing it to disperse.
Regardless of the cause, a parade is still a chance to think about and talk about crowd dynamics.
Jet packs are expected to make personal flying devices more practical, while rocket packs continue to be crowd pleasers.
As the moment of impact approached, the crowd became silent, unsure of where to look or what to look for.
Each jostling shift of the crowd aggravates your severe social anxiety.
Squid will continue to expand and begin to evolve as they crowd out predators.
What sets this cart apart from the waffle crowd is its extensive list of toppings.
Whatever else you set out, great smoked salmon will always draw a crowd.
Gooey chicken wings are sure to please a crowd, not to mention your wallet.
Mashed potatoes are always a crowd-pleaser at holiday meals.
Do not crowd the pan-that will make the lard cool off, which in turn will make the chicken pieces greasy.
Lasagnes of any kind are a slam dunk, a sure crowd-pleaser.
Read on to sample my sensational recipe for drumsticks, which transforms them into crowd-pleasing sliders.
It pulls a hip crowd, serves late, and is a lot of fun.
During the summer months, the crowd spills out onto the sidewalks.
Conveying an impression of whole lifetimes distilled, mementos and tchotchkes crowd the shelves.
Normally there's a crowd in the barn for the evening milking.
Maybe for that reason, the roving television cameras seemed best at structuring the crowd's attention for short periods.
Jean then crowd-surfed over to the speaker-covered truck, clambering on top to address the crowd.
On one occasion he demonstrated to an astonished crowd how a visiting spiritualist had produced apparently ghostly occurrences.
There was some doubt among the crowd about whether he would even appear.
By this time, the scene had drawn a crowd of onlookers.
All those preparations failed, however, when an unruly crowd surged and swept away her colleague.
Hence measles and other such diseases are also known as crowd diseases.
Distinctive faces dwell far away from the crowd, in much lonelier neighborhoods.
The biggest argument for the intelligent design crowd is the panda's mating habits.
One of the favorite anecdotes for the don't-know-everything crowd involves the flight of the honeybee.
The crowd of journalists gave him an ovation for that.
The sonic cannons were developed by the german secret weapons programs and will be used for the crowd control.
But there is a narrow spectra that when emitted only causes confusion and disorientation of the crowd.
One that draws a crowd today is the egg drop, held during orientation in the fall.
He ran to the back of the court and leapt toward the stands, offering high fives to an especially boisterous section of the crowd.
Collapsible grandstands pull out of the walls, and crowd up to the edge of the court.
For an hour the crowd battled the riot police, trying to push forward, then running back to avoid the fumes.
Rocks and bottles were thrown at the police, and the police loosed a tear gas barrage, scattering the crowd.
The crowd of new participants was mirrored by the crush of visitors.
No one remembered a dramatic center-court dance that tamed an ugly crowd.
When they released him several hours later, there was a crowd to cheer him.
Off to his right, our left, one of his henchmen is working the crowd.
Erik is accepted into the novel only after being picked out of a crowd at a train station by a swooping storyteller figure.
The people in the crowd below instantly begin bidding.
The crowd applauded at the exact moments you'd suspect they would applaud.
Suddenly there were a thousand people in the street, and the police had to come and control the crowd.
These days, if you want something done right, you've got to crowd-source it.
We'd be the warm-up for one of his jumps to get the crowd excited.
Rather than dominate a crowd, they conspire with the people in the audience.
Take a look at these pictures, from various locations around the country, featuring homes that stood out among the crowd.
Parents have always warned teenagers against falling in with the wrong crowd, those kids they consider bad influences.
When he finally can divine what the puzzle says, he bets heavily, writes books about it and gathers a crowd around him.
Engaging the public in citizen science with social media and crowd-sourcing on a scalable cloud platform.

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