crossroads in a sentence

Example sentences for crossroads

But he seemed to have recognized that advertising itself was at a crossroads.
But a swelling army of beggars badgers drivers at crossroads.
His career is now at a crossroads, and he does not have long to decide which path to follow.
It's at the crossroads of a high diversity of fish, corals, and invertebrates.
Soldiers patrol the smallest streets and stand in groups of three at crossroads.
The nation that can make itself the crossroads to the world will have tremendous economic and political power.
They have congregated around global crossroads and have benefited from the creative tension endemic in such places.
But even those of us who pride ourselves on never showing skepticism arrive at a crossroads sometimes.

Famous quotes containing the word crossroads

... in 1950 a very large slice of the white South stood at the crossroads in its attitude toward its colore... more
Neither the historian nor the cartographer can ever reproduce the reality they are trying to communicate to the reader o... more
Being sixty-five ... became a crossroads. We said, We have nothing to lose, so we can raise hell.... more
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