crossing over in a sentence

Example sentences for crossing over

For every deletion, something that happens during an unequal recombination or crossing over, a duplication occurs.
All in all, crossing over has been rewarding and fun.
By crossing over the polar region, planes are able to fly shorter distances and burn less fuel.
He would no more think of crossing over to acids or paints than to poetry.
Famous franchises have a long history of crossing over with one another in the pages of comics.
He enters from the left side of the door, crossing over to sweep the right side of the room.
And a celebrity athlete who's crossing over into mainstream pop culture faster than anybody thought.
The two had a tense moment crossing over each other in the middle, but successfully finished.
What this means is that early in cell division a process known as crossing over occurs.
Exit immediately to the right after crossing over the bridge.
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