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But when you have obstacles crossing your path, that's so spontaneous there's little room for such a cascade of warnings.
The four people who walked on much cloudier days all ambled in circles, repeatedly crossing their own path without knowing it.
In my field, the journal figures take longer to get approved, especially when crossing presses.
He blends musical styles in genre-crossing performances that expand the boundaries of jazz expression.
All in all, crossing over has been rewarding and fun.
Another point to consider is that these students are likely not the ones who committed the illegal act of crossing the border.
The bridge remains the only overland crossing directly between the two boroughs.
It enters the pelvic cavity by crossing either the termination of the common, or the commencement of the external, iliac vessels.
It is always a pitiful spectacle to see two hostile self-esteems crossing swords.
D-- him if he does, let him buy a broom and sweep a crossing.
They also prevent new line builders from crossing their right of ways.
It's also the responsibility for the pedestrians to watch out for vehicles when crossing roads.
For every deletion, something that happens during an unequal recombination or crossing over, a duplication occurs.
Already pounded by mortars, the floundering line is instantly swept by crossing machine-gun fires from both ends of the beach.
There will be more inspections to prevent counterfeit or unsafe goods from crossing our borders.
There may be a gradual increase in local gravity as the dark matter density increases during the crossing of the galactic plane.
They span mysterious depths, soar to giddy heights, raise a few goose bumps of fear at the slight risk of crossing.
The crossing was opened to vehicles for the first time and the public celebrated it.
For people in some of those countries, availability was little more than a quick border-crossing away.
Famous franchises have a long history of crossing over with one another in the pages of comics.
It's extremely responsive without crossing over into the annoyingly sensitive territory.
The drivers slow to gauge the intentions of crossing bicyclists and walkers.
It's not only trials of new drugs that are crossing the futility boundary.
The line keeps shooting off the screen or crossing itself.
He enters from the left side of the door, crossing over to sweep the right side of the room.
The lobby camera records her re-entering the hotel and crossing the lobby.
The problem is smaller than it has been for years, with fewer migrants crossing the border into the state.
And the facilities that do exist are spread thin, often covering large areas and crossing town and county lines.
By crossing over the polar region, planes are able to fly shorter distances and burn less fuel.
Many will do whatever it takes, often risking their lives by crossing treacherous terrain.
Carefully note what they do when they reach the ground again after crossing the obstruction.
We retreat for hours under a scalding sun, crossing in the process a vast, cauterized plain of cracked mud.
We keep one eye on a group crossing a scree slope, the other eye on the cliffs at its top.
They are the ones illegally crossing the border each year.
Indeed, it can even be infinitely long without crossing itself.
They've been crossing state lines to end their pregnancies.
Newsrooms are shrinking and more journalists are crossing over to public relations.
But a handful of ensembles are worth crossing the street to see.
Recently, his trackers filmed the footprints of a lion crossing a river.
But for many of us, preparation means little more than crossing our fingers and hoping to live.
Be bored and see where it takes you, because the imagination's dusty wilderness is worth crossing if you want to sculpt your soul.
However, all crossing closures produce a public benefit of improved safety.
All of the grade crossing warning devices were operating as intended.
The crossing surface is rubberized and in good condition.
The number of crossings in a knot is called the crossing number.

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