crosshatch in a sentence

Example sentences for crosshatch

If the crew needs a closer look at something, the ship changes course and runs east to west, creating a crosshatch.
The area formed by these yellow lines is shown with optional yellow diagonal crosshatch markings.
Additionally, parking in the blue crosshatch area designated for wheelchair lifts is prohibited and subject to a fine.
The two tapers and buffer zone between the solid double yellow lines are shown with optional yellow diagonal crosshatch markings.
The crosshatch may be on either side of the accessible parking space.
Abandonments may be indicated by stipple or crosshatch shading.
Once this work is saved, the user can make annotations and redactions transparent by using the crosshatch feature.
Optional dotted extension lines have been added in two places, and optional diagonal crosshatch lines have also been added.
Covers shall have a crosshatch pattern as per supplied drawing.
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