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She insists on every one's playing croquet before lunch, to which she gathers in a curiously mixed collection of neighbors.
In the summer, activities include swimming and croquet.
Guests have access to the hotel's football pitch, croquet, pool table and tennis court.
Additional recreational opportunities include croquet and a practice putting green.
Play tennis, golf--including family golf--croquet, and billiards.
Tennis courts, a croquet court, and nature and walking trails also are available.
Outside areas include barbecue grills, picnic tables, horseshoe pits and a croquet area.
They outlawed his croquet putting because he straddled the line.
Or maybe hockey and chess blended with billiards and croquet, then crossbred with a really good scrub of the kitchen floor.
You'll also find horseshoe pits, bocce ball, badminton and croquet areas.
The guests share a communal firepit, horseshoes, bocce ball and croquet court.
There are a variety of on-site activities, such as paddling along the island, miniature golf or playing a game of croquet.
Outdoor activities include croquet, bocce or lounging in a hammock.
Spend days at the inn playing croquet, dining at the bistro, walking the grounds or having a spa treatment.
Patrons meet fellow travelers at the hotel's croquet pitch with overhead lighting for nighttime play.
Putting, croquet and various activities are encouraged but no high heels, deck furniture or towels are allowed.
Family activities include lawn chess, board games and croquet.
Croquet has an advantage in that participants can drink while playing.
The fencing terms are arcane, but the movie itself could as well have been about croquet.
If they were here now, my kids would be over there with the others, playing croquet.
Outwardly it is realistic down to the last croquet set.
Croquet tournaments that were contact sport as everyone tried to take home pink flamingos.
Include active games such as bocce, croquet or disc golf.

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