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Nonetheless, they recommend more use of drought-resistant crops and improved water management.
Fish has been cast by the news media as a self-satisfied showman, but not a speck of pretense crops up during our conversation.
The prose itself gave frequent nourishing and invigorating crops, if nothing of the rarest fruit.
Take in the prairie right and left, rolling land and new hay crops, swaths of new hay laid in the sun.
The agriculture sector continued to be affected by the lack of suitable land for farming and the destruction of crops.
But practically the whole of this effort has hitherto been directed toward increasing the production of crops.
Made mainly from flattened cereal crops such as wheat and barley, these earliest examples were fairly simple in design.
We rely currently on annual grain crops to fuel our civilization.
Growing crops to make biofuels may accelerate global warming, not slow down its effects, a new study says.
They move their homes and herds from time to time to follow sources of food for their herds rather than depend on crops.
More people means more demand for water to irrigate crops, cool machinery, and power cities.
Most ladybugs voraciously consume plant-eating insects, such as aphids, and in doing so they help to protect crops.
Organic agriculture seeks to raise crops and livestock using natural practices.
The new crops matured faster and enabled farmers to grow two crops a year instead of one.
Farmers cut forests to provide more room for planting crops or grazing livestock.
Locust swarms devastate crops and cause major agricultural damage and attendant human misery-famine and starvation.
Rising annually, the river irrigated and fertilized crops.
Each year he cultivates a selection of crops in opposition to the best practices of moon-gardening methods.
And tall pots make it easier for gardeners with limited mobility to tend crops without kneeling or squatting.
Starting crops from seed is a satisfying and economical way to grow your own plants, flowers, and veggies.
Using this method, it's possible to harvest four crops of cilantro from a single pot.
Plant seedlings in the garden after all danger of frost is past, or plant a bit early and protect crops with row covers.
If you want to grow vegetables and you have rabbits in your area, you have to fence in your crops.
Perhaps a new fig tree grows for four winters, untouched by freezes, bearing big crops each summer.
Systemic fungicides must never be used on food crops.
It may be used around vegetable and fruit crops, but it is toxic to pets.
Palm trees are also used for producing crops and marketable agricultural commodities including coconuts, dates and oils.
Genetically modified crops will neither feed the world nor wreck the planet.
But biofuels from crops specifically planted to be transformed into energy are clearly the wrong answer.
Afghan poppy-watchers are cynical about the chances of alternative crops producing quick results.
Despite many warnings of doom, yields of arable crops have grown remarkably in the past half-century.
Rats, mice and locusts eat the crops in the field or in storage.
But it has come too late for many crops, which require an even sprinkling through the hot summer.
Crops are exposed to hundreds of harmful pests and diseases.
It grows in hot, arid regions where other crops will not thrive.
The measures can also be counter-productive, forcing growers to switch into new crops to avoid the export curbs.
Trees are in the ground for years, rather than farm crops' months.
But the rains never arrived, and the crops that promised salvation have failed.
Some gripe that high commodity prices are of little benefit to those who forward-sold their crops.
Without nitrogen to fertilize crops, the world couldn't feed itself.
The first farmers to follow these suggestions got good results, but couldn't find the market to make their new crops profitable.
The coffee-ring effect crops up when dealing with many methods of depositing materials.
The idea of constructing expensive multistory buildings to grow food crops in urban areas makes no sense.
We water grain crops to grow grain to feed meat animals.
The winds blew down power lines, trees and crops and blew roofs off houses.
Winter brings hedgehogs and for those who know how to find them, valuable crops of truffles.
Farmers cleared even more of the forest to make way for crops.
These three crops complement each other both in the garden and at the table.
Further west, experience the business of one of the state's keen crops: cotton.
Farmers might become entirely energy-independent, running all their machinery directly from a fraction of their crops.
Blueberries, melons, squashes-all kinds of crops rely heavily on honeybees.
They also support themselves by growing marijuana crops on borrowed land from the government.
The crops grown with this water wouldn't grow without it so it is vital they have the water.
Scientists must ask corporations for permission before publishing independent research on genetically modified crops.
Traditional crops and farming methods could not sustain that much productivity.
The gases combined with water in the atmosphere to produce acid rain, destroying crops and killing livestock.
Recklessly starving the world's fourth-largest lake to irrigate crops turned rich waters into a barren wasteland.
Genetically modified crops are not the best solution and are not sustainable.
It is important, though, that our main focus be on using feedstocks that are grown in areas that are not used for food crops.
But even if biofuel crops did compete with food crops for agricultural resources, this wouldn't be such a problem.
So we've got to sit down with farmers who are growing the crops and figure out what would make sense.
Farmers were reluctant to bring their crops to market.
Ordinarily this highly erodible land would be suitable for cows, not crops.
Hardy indigenous crops will allow more consistent harvests, less susceptible to dry weather.
The only crops which have been appreciably affected up to the present time are wheat, rice, and maize.
Agricultural biotech companies claim that genetically modified crops have a higher yield.
Articles about genetically modified crops tend to repeat the same tired arguments.
Ever since the war they had been mortgaging their crops for the food on which to live while the crops were growing.
Meanwhile, water supplies are drying up and crops are dying.
As field crops and dairy products became less profitable, farmers either switched to high-value specialty crops or quit farming.
Rain and unseasonable heat threaten a home gardener's community plot, but the first signs of crops emerge.
These perennial grains are not mere specialty crops, nor are they to be grown in monocultures.
The problem crops up when you look at the number of job gains as a fraction of losses.
Apples, lettuce, and tomatoes are to be among the first crops.
Growers are still sorting out which locations and agricultural techniques will result in successful crops.
Mythology itself arose around attempts in the beginning to talk about crops or rainfall by personifying them.
The environment was more salubrious, with nutritious food available from their crops and cows.
If given land, they grow what they need to eat, not crops for export.
Researchers have engineered aluminum-tolerant crops.
For instance, consider a wheat field that is converted to energy crops.
Some such microbes have been recently approved for field tests but ended up being virulent to crops.
Sugarcane is one of the major crops around the globe.
Some algae produce triglycerides such as those produced by soybeans and other oil-rich crops.
Genetically modified crops have quickly gone from farmer's best friend to profit killer.
Physicists have found that it crops up in an amazing variety of data sets.
With corn prices at record highs, farmers have no incentive to plant the best cellulosic crops.
And they were farmers from all over the country who were trying to protect themselves against price swings in their crops.
The rats have multiplied rapidly-even advance preparation, such as laying traps and guarding crops, has failed.
But from time to time an exceptional larger specimen crops up.
Someone, at some time, had to come up with the bright idea of crops.
Genetically modified crops designed for industrial agriculture have given the technology a bad rap.
The question whether humans are still evolving is something that crops up now and then.
The summer was too short to farm grain crops, so settlers probably went without beer or bread.
The extra hour of light from daylight savings time won't burn the crops, but this might.
While the sun supplies much of the energy for normal agriculture, growing hydroponic crops year-round could be an energy glutton.
But it crops up in more theoretical biology as well.
After all, algae are oily and could potentially produce more oil per acre than palm or other oil-yielding crops.
Generations of eruptions have deposited thick layers of ash on which farmers raise scrappy crops of maize or other grains.
Farmers seem likely to increase soybean planted area at the expense of higher input crops such as corn.
It gets flushed out into an open lagoon, where it is stored until farmers can use it on what few crops they do grow.
It guides our calendars, nourishes our crops and provides us with light and warmth.
When bees disappear many food crops could also die off.
Almost every nation keeps collections of native seeds so local crops can be replanted in case of an agricultural disaster.

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