crochet in a sentence

Example sentences for crochet

Come spring it will be time to haul out the crochet hooks to judge by the stuff designers are sending out onto the catwalks.
Armed with yarn and crochet hooks, yarn bombers bring warmth to everything from public statues to trees and lampposts.
After a discussion on coral reefs and marine conservation, audience members may participate in a crochet workshop.
She's using a fat dowel stick and her hands as a crochet hook.
She also showed granny knits and a skirt made of the sort of crochet circles of a homemade afghan.
It is even cool to dabble in pottery, needlework, crochet or other recherché art forms.
It consists of a rope web filled with contrasting crochet patterns.
Even crochet looked as though it was part of this drowned world.
It is a small group that gets together weekly to crochet anything out of yarn for donations and fundraisers.
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