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But things heated up again shortly thereafter as scientists and bloggers began criticizing the research.
Maybe if you stop whining and criticizing others, the world will become better place.
Specially if you are criticizing other commentator's free and honest opinion.
Before you begin criticizing, you might actually attempt to understand what evolution is and how it works.
Best to have a clue what you are talking about before criticizing others.
They should better set an example of their own philanthropic activity before criticizing others' actions.
It's so easy to be the critic when you have no idea how to be actually do the thing you are criticizing.
But that still seems to be the fault of the government official and not something you should be criticizing scientists for.
Some posters are criticizing the always switch rule by covertly appealing to specific cases where it loses.
Many of these are now criticizing exactly the same thing.
But the country will never reach the next level if self-criticizing is as much absent.
It's something you would gain more from, than from criticizing.
His favorite pastime is criticizing the government, its policies and its corruption.
They really think they're above it all and that they're only criticizing one side because only one side deserves criticism.
It's plainly obvious: you are guilty of precisely the confirmation bias that you are criticizing.
And there were plenty of us criticizing it on both sides of the aisle.
With those presenters, it is almost as if someone else made the slides, and they are criticizing the presentation.
They are criticizing parts of the bill that they find wasteful.
The newspaper subsequently published a number of articles criticizing campus security and certain administrative decisions.
And even some legislators are criticizing the recommendations as short-sighted.
Let's frame it another way: this is the equivalent of students criticizing how faculty members spend their own paychecks.
Hopefully, that term is not code language for criticizing our society's efforts to increase educational opportunity.
Second, people criticizing this emphasis on research, should look at university acceptance rates.
These policies typically prohibit employees from criticizing management or disclosing the inner workings of a company.
When a business wire is criticizing your clothes, you've got a problem.
Commentary has ranged from lauding the study as groundbreaking to criticizing it as an example of poor science.
Before criticizing this, you have to realize the reasoning behind it.
Sitting on the sidelines and criticizing is not productive.
Bah, read some of the thinkers you are criticizing before trotting out such a ridiculous slippery slope argument.
The only part that sometimes needs to be anonymous is privately rejecting or criticizing a paper.
Alternative medicine is all anyone here is criticizing.
The difference between being unwilling to criticize someone at all and criticizing them mildly is significant.
So, please, educate yourself a little bit about the subject before criticizing others.
Then follow that up with an clear understanding of the scientific process and what you're criticizing.
In any case, criticizing me will do nothing to make the unpleasant evidence go away.
Large gatherings listened while poets read from works praising liberty and criticizing oppression.
These leaders hoped, too, that freedom of speech would result in people criticizing their opponents.
Family members need to be heard without judging or criticizing what they say.
Criticizing the speaker's delivery style or mannerism draws attention away from the subject matter and towards the speaker.
Goal of feedback is to improve current situations without criticizing or offending.
Try to avoid criticizing, ridiculing, dismissing or rejecting your partner or what he or she is saying.

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