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It is far from me to desire to make any particular application of my language or to criticize the conduct of the government.
It is unforgivable to criticize your host, or in his presence to criticize his friends.
Some people may still criticize what they have been doing.
Some conservationists criticize the impact the large constructions have on the marine environment.
They yearn for the comfort of ancient rites and criticize the sultan for neglecting ceremonies his father routinely attended.
We need to learn from the experience rather than criticize it.
Instead of propagating misinformation among non-experts, criticize and scrutinize the information in an academic manner.
They cannot criticize the environmental policies of their regimes, because dissent is not tolerated.
Unfortunately you chose to criticize my style of writing rather than to make a substantive critique of my arguments.
When they speak to the media they criticize the government.
But we're not going to criticize the penmanship involved in writing with a jumbo jet.
Those behind the game get a little sensitive when you criticize the use of the older tech.
If you criticize the government, you may still go to jail.
Colleagues can criticize each other's work without damaging their relationships.
Criticize him for any of these things, and you're pushing the opposite points.
Although he held on to his offices for a time, scientists could now criticize him openly without fear of retribution.
People can't criticize me for reporting on what happened.
At a local restaurant, patrons demean and criticize the server for not bringing them exactly what they want when they want it.
We learn to interrogate arguments and to criticize the work of those who have explored a body of research before us.
Professors at both universities have begun to publicly criticize the move.
She's not trying to run toy companies out of business, but she is willing to criticize products that do more harm than good.
One way they honor it is by continuing to take it seriously enough to criticize.
My point is not to criticize interdisciplinary scholarship.
Trustees are feeling some of the heat as lawmakers criticize colleges about rising tuition.
First, the fact that someone believes an idea with full sincerity is no reason at all not to criticize it.
Do not implicitly criticize our sector for doing right by our students.
It is the responsibility of the press to criticize the government.
But almost nobody can be brought to criticize the influence of the constantly burgeoning awards racket.
Clean up your own country before you criticize any others.
It's nonsense to say you have to wait until university level to criticize something.
There is an unfortunate tendency online sometimes to criticize books without having read them.
And it's perfectly standard for people to criticize you anonymously.
It would be good to actually check to see whether someone is doing something before you criticize him or her for not doing it.
Here you unnecessarily come across as spoiling for a chance to criticize the movement.
There surely is no shortage of things to criticize in the current administration.
Asks her to evaluate their work, to criticize he peers.
If dark energy and dark matter are material phenomena, then one can't use them to criticize belief in other immaterial phenomena.
Skeptics do need to tug at their forelocks every time they criticize someone on poor logic or incorrect information.
If you desire to criticize the patent system, then by all means do that.
It allows you to criticize your own government and criticize any other government and express opinion.
There are several legitimate bases on which to criticize excess public involvement in the economy.
Criticize your own work and let us understand where the weaknesses are.
Some even criticize the chasing-arrow labeling system for implying a higher level of recyclability than is presently available.
But they also criticize its quality, describing the government's marijuana as weak, with an inconsistent chemical makeup.
Please don't criticize a theory until you have thoroughly researched it.
Further, it is a mistake to focus and criticize the food industry for not bringing change to consumers.
If you must criticize a sentence, please be sure you have copied it correctly.
If you want to criticize some group of academics, pick your target carefully and learn their language.
Otherwise, she'd have chosen more wisely what to criticize before her mesmerized audiences.
Therefore they have no right to criticize others for anything.
Still waiting to hear this mag criticize them for destroying the original temperature data.
In my book, it's a bad idea to criticize firms that strive to drive down costs.
Some criticize private equity firms for leaving companies in worse financial shape than when they were purchased.
Unfortunately, these same theorists go out of their way to criticize proposals to extend the school year.
And whether because they admired her position or were watching for more reasons to criticize her, people were tuning in.
Challengers complain that he doesn't deliver the goods, while purists criticize his occasional earmarks.
When a fourth student tried to criticize the majority decision, the others laughingly disagreed.
Yet you criticize her constantly for her stances on these issues.
He can't understand why journalists should be allowed to criticize him.
Popper did criticize the positivists' verification principle, on the ground that it was itself unverifiable.
Moreover, he has been purging the state networks of the few journalists who have dared to criticize him on the air.
It seems odd to criticize the bearer of these tidings, not the message conveyed.
It seems churlish to criticize even mildly the flagship public radio news shows-their reliable excellence deserves lavish praise.
True, it is politically difficult for elected officials to criticize or oppose hugely popular government policies.
Do not reprimand, criticize, or complain about other members of the health care team within sight or hearing of patients.
No one will blame you or criticize you if you decide not to participate.
It is easy to criticize government and much, much harder to become part of the solution.
It is possible to publish a book with none being able to criticize it.
Making sure parents commend children when they make progress, and don't criticize them if they do backslide.
We journalists try to point out the exaggerations and criticize them, then let the voters decide.

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