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But in the criticism or interpretation of literature the writer should be careful to avoid dropping into summary.
By removing any real human engagement, they enable us to cultivate our narcissism without the risk of disapproval or criticism.
The movie has already sparked criticism from archaeologists and clergy alike.
The renewable energy effort comes under criticism because of its expense.
Salmon farming has received its share of criticism for being detrimental to the environment.
There is a school of criticism that says it shouldn't matter whether a work of art is personal, only that it succeed as art.
Simply describing the fact that all parts can be used and how they are used is not criticism.
But of course to have found fault reveals the naïve temper of criticism in the late seventies.
His criticism of the doctrine was first thrown out in conversation with his father.
Here, however, a great social and political event is made the text for his criticism of society.
The imaginary society is simply the vehicle for satire and criticism of things as they are.
His appeal to reason was the real crime, and his criticism was hardly less weakening to the rule of authority.
As a matter of fact it has had to win its way against vigorous criticism and formidable rivals.
The criticism is curious, and the incident altogether not less so.
In criticism, though its use is increasing, it has still an exotic air.
So inveterate is our habit of criticism, that much of our knowledge in this direction belongs to the chapter of pathology.
The weirder strain of criticism concerns authenticity.
But your criticism only made their pizza much tastier.
Modern art criticism long ago discarded the tools of participatory imagination that, today, belong chiefly to movie critics.
It's not simply a matter of literary criticism turning into literary theory.
Some of that research will doubtless become fodder for reckless criticism.
And it's not a bizarre criticism of an entire continent.
Tenure letters are supposed to be objective so they are more likely to include both praise and criticism.
But too much of the cacophony of criticism is confused, hypocritical or ideologically motivated.
Some of the criticism heaped on credit-default swaps is misguided.
Its reluctance to do more has attracted criticism, only some of it fair.
Outright criticism of the shift was muted, even among bureaucrats opposed to the new approach.
In his spare time he struggled to establish himself as a writer of poetry, fiction and literary criticism.
The criticism of her inflexibility was always rather unfair, for two reasons.
The criticism was so widespread that even state-supervised media joined in.
It has also led to criticism of a legal system seen to treat private citizens far more harshly than errant officials.
Defenders of such exclusive gene patents remain unbowed by criticism.
It has brushed away earlier criticism of tolerance for its ally's poor record on human rights and economic management.
The upper echelons also subject themselves to megadoses of healthy criticism.
Suffice it to say that this announcement renders my criticism irrelevant.
We agree with some of the criticism and have updated and corrected parts of the story in response.
Meanwhile, drug testers defended the test in the face of criticism.
Big business is a common target for criticism for a variety of reasons.
They must also avoid the jargon of contemporary academic criticism and write in a public idiom.
Both historians were quickly buried under an avalanche of criticism.
Open criticism strengthens us both at home and abroad.
Criticism of caucuses, it turns out, is far from new.
But you can't control criticism, so why think about it.
Enter our criticism of parents for taking that bait.
Advice now is taken as strict demeaning criticism that needs to be handled with violence and rudeness.
Year-end lists inevitably leave room for debate and criticism, and ours is no exception.
But there is criticism and then there is ridiculous.
It was in fact published last year and drew a lot of criticism for the obvious flaws it contains.
It is also clear that children do not learn from criticism, but rather from encouragement.
Your hostilities say more about you than about the object of your criticism.
Pardon my unruly critical thought processes, but in my experience only ideas that can survive criticism and refinement are useful.
The reconsideration, which was provoked by criticism from the food industry, angered consumer advocates.
One criticism may be that your engine pistons could rust if you use a pure hydrogen system.
Peer review, widespread public criticism of methodology, attempts to duplicate or refute your results.
But public fascination also provided a window for criticism, and ultrasound elicited substantial ethical deliberation.
It amazes me that you can get paid for writing something so short on real criticism and basically devoid of any research.
My criticism was directed at its usefulness as an energy storage method as indicated by the article headline.
Instead of working to get what you need, you are making a hyper-intellectual and wordy criticism of science.
The existence of a criticism does not mean a paper is refuted.
Important criticism is always constructive: there is no refutation without a better theory.
McCarthy gets a lot of criticism for his writing style.
It's a criticism often leveled by linguists who believe that language is basically a social invention.
However, his criticism of those who oppose the deficit model comes across as a facile overgeneralization.
So, the lower quality isn't necessarily a criticism.
But to me, such criticism shows a lack of imagination.
In a certain sense, they are to blame for those heavy criticism, but this is not my approach of the matter.
Most participating sites also posted lengthy criticism of the bills.
But the lack of openness in policy-making isn't the only criticism the consortium gets.
And that communication can include criticism of the government.
Self-reflection requires free debate, free opinion, and free criticism.
And he would face criticism from his contemporaries in the struggle.
But of course this criticism has to be based on the truth.
Along those same lines, there has been some criticism of the fight scenes seen in the trailer.
In academia you publish and subject your work to criticism and comment, and sometimes your ideas are shot down.
In fact, my criticism is that the stimulus package was too small.
His continued detention has prompted global criticism.
But the object of my criticism is not the study of ideology per se, but its study in a vacuum.
He also misunderstands my criticism of his guide to pronunciation.
But according to a common criticism of modern sport, these same developments have destroyed the value of athletics.
He has also published art criticism, plays, and a novel.
The court's verdicts make it clear that any criticism of state bodies is deemed to be propaganda against the ruling system.
We are sure that the new law will attract serious criticism.
We all get mad, but he gets more criticism than the rest of us.
Ask them to be constructive with their criticism as well.

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