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These things are proved, the first critically, the second legally and historically.
Then the seller, looking critically at the pig, will agree that the weather is as his friend maintains.
She looked at him critically from under her shading lashes-but her eyes grew gentler almost at once.
He appears there as an enigmatic figure whose life and work were sometimes referenced but rarely critically examined.
Of course, the actual number depends critically on how you define the difference between universes.
What's in critically short supply are the ideas and determination to use that talent wisely.
If you learn it critically, you will be finding that it is all pure nonsense.
He soared, critically, because the product also fit the audience.
Let us be glad for their additional importance and power, and not examine the artistic result too critically.
But in anticipation of the visit, it's important to critically examine how to proceed from here.
But parents of medium income view the altered situation highly critically.
So let's look at this new amendment more critically.
Consequently, it is increasingly important for people to know how to listen critically and how to evaluate spoken arguments.
They seem to really resent being asked to think critically or to examine research in an area.
However, when they were expected to think critically or independently, they were stymied.
Worse, the education colleges have been great promoters of the highly dubious idea that self-esteem is critically important.
In fact, the best scholarship is always creative, and the best production is always critically aware.
Such courses are designed to help students find, communicate, and critically evaluate online information.
Three professors died, another professor and staff member were critically injured, and another was treated and released.
One of our goals as educators is increasing the disposition of our students to read widely and think and communicate critically.
Employers say they want students who can think critically.
Eye gaze is critically important to social primates such as humans.
The critically endangered species is elusive, rarely photographed and almost never observed in the wild.
He was inventive even to the point of critically evaluating his own morality.
Another is of the dead and critically injured in houses serving as makeshift hospitals.
Even then, employers say that many graduates emerge inarticulate, unable to think critically and barely able to read or write.
Critically, they provide market confidence that the debts of their subsidiaries will be honoured.
And price is still critically important to borrowers.
And, critically, they can borrow cheaply because they are deemed too big to fail.
Yet the vast influence of the church in poor countries obliges people to look critically at how that influence is used.
It's a somewhat different view on those whose opinions one disagrees with, and a critically important difference at that.
Populations are now so depleted that every marine turtle species is endangered, some critically.
And now her life is the subject of a critically acclaimed movie.
Rebel militias in the area have been accused of slaughtering and eating the critically endangered apes.
Critically endangered, this species has a highly limited breeding area with habitat decline.
Some of the exhibits here offer an opportunity to teach kids about reading and thinking critically.
Knowing, understanding, and building relationships with them bears critically on success.
Some critically necessary compounds are made by only a single manufacturer.
The problem was teaching them how to think critically about them.
Judicial review has introduced a critically important check on executive discretion.
Most of his later books were financially and critically unsuccessful.
Primatologists devise ways for critically threatened monkeys to meet and mate.
Five years ago, it was listed as critically endangered.
And critically, all of these experiments have been done in mice.
The skin is the largest organ in the body and critically important.
Orangutans are critically endangered in the wild because of rapid deforestation and the expansion of palm oil plantations.
Putting large mammals under is not a casual undertaking, even less so when the animal is critically endangered.
His films are simple and refreshing on the surface, but contain themes and ideas that allow audiences to think critically.
Thanks for your interest in thinking critically about our research on self-medicating caterpillars.
Critically, these adolescents choose to go--even though the move seems crazy.
She stood there asking questions that are really irrelevant in the early care of a critically ill patient.
Anyone who is willing to think critically is going to have trouble accepting the natural cycles cool but don't warm claim.
If the evidence is skewed, and you continue to believe it, then you are not thinking critically my friend.
The description of homeopathy implies a natural phenomenon that can be investigated critically.
But if that's what you're calling evidence you are not thinking critically.
We depend critically on huge areas of this planet being stable and capable of supporting crops.
Carefully but critically, for it's simply not an option to be totally faithful to a fat novel.

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