critical thinking in a sentence

Example sentences for critical thinking

Critical thinking, knowledge of valid research, and openness to new ideas are what allows an individual to form a valid opinion.
The study of history is nothing but critical thinking.
That, to me, is the difference between cynicism and critical thinking.
Both offer then-emergent best practices as a basis for much of today's critical thinking.
IQ tests measure only part of our cognitive qualities, he argues, and critical thinking is not included.
They were really learning by critical thinking and problem solving.
But, critical thinking and the application of the principles of science have been around much longer.
The development of critical thinking can be a strenuous undertaking and requires all kinds of effort.
Let's foster some critical thinking even in those with short attention spans.
Get your head out of a fictional book and apply critical thinking, please.
Unless your bias overwhelms your critical thinking skills.
It is going to take some formal education and critical thinking.
We need to teach problem solving and critical thinking skills.
Critical thinking is the practice and art of reasoning despite your self.
Critical thinking means always knowing that there is more to the story.
Critical thinking requires that every new answer raises multiple new questions.
He is simply brilliant, writing fantastic music about critical thinking.
He has critical thinking messages relayed with extreme and laser-focused humor in his songs.
He also drew the distinction between critical thinking and cynical thinking.
We're comparing faith to critical thinking, and those are two completely different lines of reasoning.
People who lack critical thinking skills might suffer some unnecessary anxiety.
Critical thinking being difficult to measure, when performance need be measured, it cannot be the subject of measurement.
It doesn't really take too much in the way of critical thinking skills in order to determine when an entry is problematic though.
The focus is on getting good grades, not getting the finer points of critical thinking.
There are no original thoughts, no critical thinking, or any contribution to real discussion.
Critical thinking will soon be reserved to the elite that is supposed to screw the rest of society out of its money.
Student's evaluations are more important than critical thinking.
Most of those students won't be majors, and history is incredibly important for the subject matter and the critical thinking.
Research on student learning supports the importance of critical thinking.
But also, a failure to encourage critical thinking and problem solving.
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