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Teaching critical thinking and fostering intellectual well-roundedness are important goals, but too general and self-serving.
The guys operating these forklifts are critical members of the building team.
Pruning is also critical to maintain this vigorous grower.
Groundwater withdrawals rose in tandem, resulting in a large-scale and ongoing depletion of this critical water reserve.
Our mission is to inspire people to care about the planet, and that mission is now more critical than ever.
The species existed during a critical period in the human evolutionary timeline.
Keep critical weather information at your fingertips.
It's a critical concept that is difficult to define or measure.
The world is facing a critical shortage of doctors, and the prognosis is getting worse.
They also fuel conflict over the river's waters-both farms and fish need the critical resource.
We're losing our ability to read a book, retain information, follow a line of argument and make critical judgments.
The right stuff may be a critical requirement for astronauts.
He was critical of western consumerism and materialism.
New biographies and works of critical scholarship are in the works.
Whether these efforts represent critical lapses or welcome leaps of faith must be left to the perspective of each reader.
Deeply critical of contemporary literature, he held posts at various literary journals and discussed plans to start his own.
As in any market, supply plays a critical factor in the long term value of diamonds.
He did not want to risk another critical failure, especially with such an unorthodox piece.
Of critical importance, he says, is the quality of local government.
With ever fewer entry-level jobs in many industries, internships have become a critical first step into employment.
And the mind often cannot focus on a critical comparison of more than two.
Globalisation will be a defining theme for the industry in the coming years, and a critical source of growth.
Behind his regular-Joe tastes there lies a broad critical agenda.
He writes with feeling, backed up by an impressively broad list of sources as well as sharp critical insight and astute judgment.
Universities around the world find themselves at a critical crossroads.
Critical thinking being difficult to measure, when performance need be measured, it cannot be the subject of measurement.
Most people never make this critical shift, and it can cost them dearly.
Quickly approaching action on budget proposals in the nation's capital means this is a critical time for low-income students.
Critical thinking is, more or less, the other anchor of the spider web: the willowy stem of skepticism.
He had the enthusiasm of the discoverer and, here and there allowed it to obscure his critical faculty.
Therefore, it is not surprising that his work shows little critical method.
As to her novel, critical judgment is still in suspense.
Additional biographical and critical matter will be found in the various critical editions enumerated above.
These wastes they repeopled with the delicate forms born of a half-tender, half-ironical and critical spirit.
That's critical for developing countries, which lack infrastructure.
You're less critical of the revolutionaries of the late sixties.
Fundamental technique, remembered deep in the muscles, became critical again.
But pure free-trade policies, which are still used as the intellectual benchmark of the debate, suffer from two critical flaws.
School engagement is a critical measure of student success.
Sugars play critical roles in many cellular functions and in disease.
Energy storage is a critical piece of the clean energy.
Sensory information from taste cells is critical for helping us to detect and respond appropriately to needed nutrients.
Researchers have identified a lipid molecule that plays a critical role in controlling the severity of a burning sensation.
Satellite operators put off critical command sequences.
Critical details of these interactions are emerging as well.
The placenta is unique among organs-critical to human life yet fleeting.
Sub critical means that more neutrons are being absorbed or are escaping the system then are creating new fissions.
Skeptics of hydrogen argued that the article was too soft on the concept, whereas others were put off by the critical take.
How a company chooses to diversify is a critical yet overlooked aspect of why it does so.
The critical task is necessarily comparative, and younger people do not truly know what is new.
Each author considers the other to be the best e-mailer he knows and they are highly critical of the emailing world at large.
It wasn't until later that he began to take a more critical view of the school.
If he were to push too far to the rear, he might damage any number of critical nerves.
But these games withhold critical information from the player.
His critical acclaim, however, was always more uneven than his commercial success.
In-app purchases have become a critical part of the business model for many games companies.
And finally, these effects must switch on at a specific critical temperature.
Innovation is critical to economic growth and progress, and yet it seems so random.
In an amazingly short time, software has become critical to almost every aspect of modern life.
The new device could also be a critical step in the development of practical optical chips.
For instance, protein-coding genes can undergo extensive changes and yet retain their critical functions.
The center line represents the targeted value for the critical performance parameter of a product being manufactured.
Piping plover critical habitat description and range.
Critical links related to electronic wage reporting.
It's been so satisfying and awesome to have the kind of critical reaction we're having now.
Or it could be a critical period for an established brand.
These foundations give away billions of dollars and play a critical role in society.
Others seemed to be more critical, and many of them complained about the slickness of the culture.
The critical argument against the long poem is easily given.
But, overwhelmingly, the modern focus of critical discussion is on the great corporation.
Scientists decode a critical gene that may have led to the evolution of our big brains.
Several forests around the world use fog to get critical moisture and nutrients.
Bees have amazingly complicated social structures and behaviors, and are critical for a lot of agriculture.
New studies show that animals used in critical experiments may be out of their minds.
Yet this humbling bodily fluid is powerful and critical to our existence.
The details of historical plausibility aren't really that critical, they're icing on the cake.
Temperature and pressure are really critical, he says.
Had he been in critical condition, our adult trauma surgeons would have pounced.

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