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Imagine trying to remain calm and composed while working in the middle of a war zone, a natural disaster, or other crisis.
But this work has not amounted to a solution to the public health crisis.
Stop the crisis stuff, because the ship has left the dock on that one now.
To some geologists, the world is heading toward an oil crisis of historic proportions.
When you look at the banking crisis, it was about investing in things that had no value.
Falling wholesale prices caused by overproduction has created a crisis for coffee farmers worldwide.
US officials have urged a wider evacuation area and warn that it could take weeks to get the crisis under control.
The enemy of our enemy may be our new partner in stopping a global health crisis.
Both the book and film call awareness to the global warming crisis through emotional connection to the characters.
The current crisis is caused, in part, by inadequate regulation.
They have used both the crisis and the boom that preceded it to serve their own interests and put off reform.
The crisis in the euro area is turning into a panic and dragging the zone into recession.
It's difficult to maintain political support for countercyclical policy having first underestimated the severity of the crisis.
To do that, it is probably worth taking a step back and looking at the nature of the crisis as a whole.
However, the cost is the current world wide credit crisis, and more unemployment now.
Once the cooling crisis started, a set of predictable issues cropped up.
No one with any scientific sense now disagrees about the severity of the climate crisis.
The fact that an increasing number of medications are unable to beat sugar pills has thrown the industry into crisis.
They believed that the side with the largest arsenal and an expressed readiness to use it would gain leverage during every crisis.
For decades, environmentalists have warned of a coming climate crisis.
Three in four believe the credit crisis was due to wrongdoing by senior executives.
The crisis in college admissions isn't overly motivated parents or rankings.
His approval ratings had doubled in the first month of the crisis.
There were many, many identifiable villains who through their own action and inaction, helped create the crisis.
The technical benefits of new media to photojournalists in crisis zones are equivalent to unrefined digital omniscience.
If housing prices keep falling, the impact of the crisis on the broader economy will be amplified further.
Issues of legal culpability aside, no one is presenting the episode as a model of effective crisis communication.
But the state's fiscal troubles have nonetheless created a cash crisis for two-year colleges.
But donors will respond best to a compelling vision, not to a college in crisis or a poor leader.
It's interesting that the debt-crisis talks are happening concurrently with baseball's trading deadline.
It was understood that flies were a transmission vector for disease, and a public-health crisis seemed imminent.
Before the financial crisis, the banking industry was too concentrated and clubby.
But, ever since the credit crisis began, big moves have become common.
And the culture of evasion has negative consequences beyond the current crisis.
Seventy-five years later, in the wake of another economic crisis, things couldn't be more different.
As a result, policymakers persistently underestimated the severity of the crisis.
All in all, a reprise of last year's oil crisis seems unlikely.
The current crisis in the retail business has made his work a gold mine.
How two decades of haplessness led to the financial crisis.
Modern cities seem to be perpetually teetering at the brink of one crisis or another, be it chemical or microbial in origin.
In the long term, that sort of thing can help create exactly the sort of food crisis we're suffering right now.
Science's perpetual image problem has blossomed into an urgent image crisis.
At a time when the world is paying attention to a species in crisis, our country is not exactly setting a good example.
Proponents of aquaculture call it a possible solution to our potential food crisis.
What ultimately changed the direction of his research, though, was a deeply personal crisis.
He's probably a lost cause unless something rather dramatic happens in his life to cause a crisis of faith.
Bottom line: as more new drugs enter human trials, a crisis is brewing.
There can be no doubt that the biggest crisis in computing right now is the memory bandwidth problem.
Wind farms aren't going to provide all our power or solve the energy crisis.
The fastest-moving piece of that crisis is the unraveling of employer-based coverage.
Rather, sooner or later, the necessary changes would be forced by a financial crisis.
The result is the triple crisis-economic and cultural, political, and military-that has now befallen the country.
Environmental crisis and the present phase of globalization are different sides of the same process.
Reasonable people have wondered, especially in periods of crisis.
This, as it turns out, was an excellent description of their role in the current financial crisis.
But this crisis casting is not as ludicrous as it sounds.
She clearly wants to try both at once, but that intention can break down under the stress of a crisis.
We were consistently broke or in some kind of financial crisis.
If the range is in crisis, support the horses with water and hay.
One medical crisis is certainly enough to turn your world upside down.
To know when the crisis is reaching a tipping point, keep your eye on global government bond yields.
The state's overcrowded corrections system is in crisis.

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