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And larger birds can cause crippling and catastrophic damage.
Some caterpillars munch on drug-laced leaves to rid themselves of crippling parasites, a new study finds.
Crops have died and soils have eroded-crippling local agriculture.
Poliomyelitis is a crippling disease that mainly affects children under the age of three.
Storms often damage what water systems do exist, crippling access to clean drinking water supplies.
Polio, or poliomyelitis, is a crippling disease that mainly targets children under five years of age.
The slow progress, crippling cold, and stress have begun unraveling the indispensable braided rope of teamwork.
Undoubtedly, predatory behavior in the academic world is a convenient means of crippling or eliminating rivals.
The state-college has complained in the past that it also has a crippling deferred-maintenance backlog.
On the down side, the cost of all that prestige has been a crippling student-loan debt that will likely weigh on her for years.
The latter arise from technophobia, which is only exacerbated by crippling the user.
Their romance fails to move past physical attraction, and that's more than a disappointment-it's a crippling letdown.
The novel's main character, a novelist, struggles with crippling episodes of writer's block.
Players have off days, if it is a key player this can be crippling.
Crippling poverty means that some families go hungry even after good harvests.
These are crucial to containing the crippling public debt and improving the economy's performance.
They raged that high interest rates and a high pound were crippling industry and throwing workers on the scrap heap.
The majority are stuck in a crippling bureaucratic process.
The main problem is not lack of money but a crippling shortage of skilled staff.
At times, he stood by idly while militant unions went on strike, crippling the economy with below-the-belt punches.
The second problem is less familiar and more technical, but every bit as crippling.
Rare disorders put spotlight on crippling drug costs.
Instead, they're likely to see more crippling heat waves.
Researchers lost funding and social status, crippling the former science powerhouse.
We are crippling ourselves by insisting on exclusive dependence on an increasingly expensive energy.
Politicians have acknowledged the crippling cost of medicine, yet their proposals do little to fix these basic flaws.
Unless the government issues allowances for free, they argue, consumers will face crippling price hikes.
But the government is also keen to avert a crippling power crunch in the short term if nuclear reactors are not restarted.
Unfortunately, it would require crippling subsidies.
By linking the two in the same sentence, the author has made his bias both clear and crippling for his own argument.
He's interested in crippling the unions that didn't support him last fall.
Endless loans left the continent with crippling debt.
But within hours of the launch, buyers reported crippling connectivity problems with the device.
Thus refreshed, it found that crippling some enzymes could make yeast grow faster.
It's insurance it also helps labor mobility, reduces crippling anxiety, and is fundamentally humane.
Over its history, science has delivered two crippling blows to humanity's self-image.
But these mistakes didn't usually used to be crippling.
Still, in practice, this contradiction need not be crippling.
It was nothing to him that he was thus exhausting the rear and crippling the resources of the country for the future.
For the rest, though, drought years can be crippling.
The cardinal sign of hysteria-indifference to an obviously crippling neurological predicament-is not entirely reliable.
There are plenty of people lamenting that all these machines and networks are crippling our minds.
There were also males with shrunken larynxes, a crippling handicap for a frog intent on mating.
But sometimes, a prophage gets trapped by a crippling mutation.
If a shoe was crippling people you would expect the maker to be responsible.
Mantis shrimps are aggressive relatives of crabs and lobsters and prey upon other animals by crippling them with devastating jabs.
Whole missions are being cancelled, and others are being delayed indefinitely or suffering crippling cuts.
These products, she said, elude resource-poor countries such as her own because costs can be crippling.
Another piece of the puzzle is crippling student loans.
But it has suffered a series of crippling mishaps that have threatened the mission time and again with failure.
Proponents of atomic energy fear an unfair, crippling backlash.
Polio is a crippling and potentially fatal infectious disease.
The boycott lasted a year, causing crippling economic damage and testing the resolve of local blacks.
Federal bankruptcy laws govern how companies go out of business or recover from crippling debt.
And so far, it's managed to avoid crippling spats with content owners.
The crippling symptoms of osteoporosis have become almost synonymous with old age.

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