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Example sentences for cringing

It keeps its mouth shut except for a fear grimace, and when challenged makes a cringing retreat.
The goal is to get the publication to publish the retraction, usually cringing, as soon as possible.
Instead of cringing at the readers' comments, you will learn how to moderate them and appreciate them and learn from them.
But even if you find yourself cringing a bit in the early going, stick with it.
The hunter's cringing dogs are dragged behind him, by a bear and a boar.
So to think of him for more than a second obliges one to contemplate, with a kind of cringing pleasure, his torso.
They are chained and cringing, fearful of the roar of the guns, of the scampering of feet on the deck above-hoping for release.
Here that expression has curdled into the cringing, hunted gaze of an abused animal with no safe hiding place.
She will be panic stricken and cringing in her hour of defeat.
His lather was branding by at the time and remonstrating with him for his cruelty te the beast that was cringing under the lash.
Whilst the questioning was in process, several photographs were taken of me cringing and writhing in pain and in nakedness.

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Now remember courage, go to the door, Open it and see whether coiled on the bed Or cringing by the wall, a ... more
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