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Example sentences for cringe

The golf purist who remains loyal to persimmon wood may cringe at what technology has wrought: a solid-plastic club head.
They want the best leaders, but they cringe at the cost.
It is more likely to have made investors cringe than reach for their wallets.
You've seen news footage of the devastation caused by major oil spills, and you cringe every time you change your oil.
Nevertheless, there were a few things about episode two that made me cringe.
Some serious photographers might cringe at being called amateurs.
Still, it was less the costume than the acting that made us cringe.
It looks incredibly fun, even though the high wipeout factor makes me cringe.
If you're a believer, you might cringe at this sort of scientific question.
Many major commercial sites cringe when security researchers find a hole.
He also clued us in to what makes him cringe and the one thing that all watchers of the wireless world ought to support.
To their credit, they may cringe a little at the truth but they come back for more of it.
The mere thought of all the time wasted on this makes me cringe.
The adjective awesome is not only egregiously overused, but one that makes this writer cringe every time she hears it.
Ordinarily such a lopsided comparison would make me cringe and conclude that it was aimed at the gullible.
We even live on an enormous rock, although geologists surely cringe at the comparison.
Many took his often cringe-inducing behaviour as a kind of loopy shtick.
But he also produces an entire lexicon of-often cringe-making-buzzwords.
Cringe if you must, but in the room, it felt sincere.
Normally, artist interpretations of hypothesized astronomical scenarios make me cringe.
My eyes always cringe at the sight of a homeless veteran.
Even the thought of an unwelcome phone call causes many people to cringe, and it has happened to all of us.
Most trial lawyers cringe when discussing taxes, and they are not alone.
Smells can make us cringe or even bring back memories.

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