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Example sentences for crimson

The blood of its unsung martyrs will flow across the land leaving a crimson swathe, from border to border.
The pathogen makes its presence known to humans through crimson pustules on the plant's stems and leaves.
The crane has light to dark blue-gray plumage and a crimson cap at the back of its crown.
It's a subtler palette than crimson and gold, but it's equally irresistible.
Crimson plastic veins snaked through the interior of the translucent skulls, but there was nothing at the base.
And in your wake hangs a crimson dust so fine it may never filter back to the ground.
These droplets can be swept across the globe, painting brilliant crimson twilights wherever they go.
In stark contrast to those deep crimson cephalopods, mine was chalk white on landing.
Typical colors range from deep crimson to pale pink.
Huge, pure white double flowers with vivid crimson flecks make a showy bouquet in a white ceramic vase.
Single or double flowers in lilac to reddish pink and blotched or streaked with crimson.
Flowers of deep crimson to pink and white in dense terminal clusters in late spring, early summer.
Pink flowers have a dark crimson ring around the center add to my plant list.
From a ribbon of crimson silk hangs a golden crown to which the medal proper is attached.
Its foliage is touched by red all year and turns crimson in winter.
Mace is the crimson, vinelike substance that covers the nutmeg seed.
From your campsite, spot steep-walled canyons and crimson-colored rocks.
Lingonberry juice had stained an enormous crimson patch around my mouth and down onto my chin and neck.
Their juice was blood red, and the little splashes that escaped the container stained the countertop crimson.
Crimson and cobalt carpeting covers the stage, which itself is adorned with white stars.
Her crimson fingernails had been carefully manicured with white moons and white tips.
Be especially wary of tuna that has a fresh, rich crimson color but a dull, gelatinous texture.
And through the crimson dawning the robber band goes by.
There was blood everywhere, staining her white dress crimson.
But all of these heirlooms are evenly deep-hued and luscious on the inside, as crimson and soft as mouth flesh.
As they moved, the lighting changed to crimson, and smoky clouds raced across the backdrop.
Plus the random throwing of crimson paint in everyone's hair.
Constructed of a pink, almost crimson sandstone, it has a distinctive style.
One with his hands and forearms as if dipped in crimson.
They ate their meals always at the same table, covered with a synthetic crimson cloth, on the verandah of the main hotel building.
Crimson threads-infected lymph vessels-track toward his armpit.
They had shown uncanny endurance as crimson blood gushed from them.
In the heat of a vehement address it becomes crimson.
They look out of place against the blue-grey lakes and the brown, green and crimson of the tundra.

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