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Reintroducing criminal animal cruelty laws would change how corporations make decisions in farm and factory practices.
Juries can decide the facts in criminal and civil cases.
On top of that, capital punishment is extremely costly to administer and has never been shown to deter criminal behavior.
Antisocial or criminal behavior may stem from damage to the part of the brain that governs moral reasoning.
It is central to fundamental fairness in criminal cases.
These vehicles can be used on both patrol and on a criminal pursuit.
Not everyone who does things criminal is going to be diagnosed as a psychopath.
Audio forensic examiners are asked to authenticate recordings presented as evidence in criminal and civil court cases.
There were no criminal referrals from the regulators.
The basis of her firing has to be other than alleged criminal activity.
The seizure of this cash means some smugglers will not be able to make payments for their criminal activities.
Shooting a crossbow with connecting fishing line then dragging that across a limb, cutting deeply into the bark is criminal.
Motion-activated lights can also help reduce both light pollution and criminal activity.
To lobby for continued coal combustion is in my opinion a criminal offence.
The cost for the criminal history report will be the responsibility of the successful candidate.
Criminal gangs are now fueling demand for the primates among well-to-do restaurant patrons.
It is true that criminal mafias control some of the traffic in people, and they will be difficult to root out.
They're tired of the criminal bureaucracy, of corruption and chaos.
In this way actions can escalate from to cheering to criminal behavior.
At times he has declared his innocence and then later confessed to being a willing criminal.
The term criminal is reserved for people who has broken a criminal law.
Employment will require a successful criminal background check.
Applicants are subject to a criminal background check.
Today, moonshine can be a kind of gateway criminal activity to more dangerous crimes.
Prohibit smoking will do the criminal element a huge favor.
Successful finalists must consent to and successfully complete a criminal background check.
It is better than becoming an alcoholic, smoker, or criminal.
All positions are subject to a criminal background check.
Criminal law generally aims to protect persons, property, or the state from serious harm.
Glad that happened though rather than going through the criminal system.
Moreover, they can affect important social outcomes ranging from criminal sentencing to electoral success.
Employment offers will be conditioned upon successful completion of a criminal background check.
In fact it is unethical and should be banned as a criminal offence.
Both were adjudged criminal conspiracies, and their dissolution ordered.
There has been no lack of such occurrences since, as the records of the criminal courts show.
Letting your kids get fat is criminal, plain and simple.
The criminal children are now merely criminal children with arrest records and visine eyes.
Psychiatrists characterize this condition as chronic problems with criminal activity and defiant, or antisocial, behavior.
Scoundrels were bound to find the weaknesses and exploit them for mischief or, worse, for criminal gain.
Remember the cyber criminal does not see this as a problem.
What is more, the fisherman couldn't remember which of the four bungalows on the lagoon the criminal had first entered.
Several ministers in the coalition government are tainted by criminal charges filed against them.
Some four-fifths of the dead are members of criminal gangs murdered by other criminals.
Criminal-background and credit checks are becoming a common element of faculty and administrative searches.
More important, the book also offers the first accurate and in-depth chronology of a turbulent journey from criminal to icon.
We're talking a major multi-agency, multi-criminal, simultaneous controlled buys in progress type operation.
Advances in brain science are calling into question the volition behind many criminal acts.
With the news that he has hired a defense attorney, the disgraced coach may now face criminal and civil charges.
Handguns and criminal violence grew together apace, and national opinion leaders did not fail to remark on the coincidence.
Amazingly, any publication that accepted an ad without the requisite certification was subject to criminal penalties.
Police departments are mapping foreclosures in an effort to identify emerging criminal hot spots.
There have been some examples recently where organized criminal groups were hacking into systems and then extorting companies.
If a commanding officer thinks the software is correct, he'll send a patrol ahead of time to catch the criminal red-handed.
In this case, it seems, the laptop's thieves had participated in other criminal activities as well.
Their action to put the planet at risk involves us all, and probably a civil suit will get farther faster than a criminal one.
As he paid off old clients with money from new ones, the press scented criminal mischief afoot.
Such theories attempt to account for the infliction of criminal punishment in all its forms, not simply imprisonment.
Immigrants in civil detention actually have fewer legal rights than their criminal counterparts.
It is a plea that washes away every crime a criminal could ever commit and come to regret.
The judicial process in a criminal case differs from a civil case in several important ways.
In general, criminal cases have the following steps.
The idea that violent and criminal people are biologically flawed has a long history, he says.
Physical torture or the use of drugs to obtain a confession from a suspect in criminal case is forbidden.
Alleged criminal acts have nothing to do with the disease and what the medical establishment are doing to the patients.
None of those cases involved criminal charges, but many were investigated by police.
Climate change was a comfortable lie turned criminal exaggeration fueled by political correctness on steroids.
The fable is also absolutely ignorant of market operations even in criminal enterprises.
Cases awarded in this court would often not be awarded in an actual criminal court due to inadequate evidence.
Adding to the problem is that employers are far more likely to do criminal-background checks than they once were.
And even if he's right, a strategy of criminal prosecution is still a bad idea.
In legal terms, a pardon in an exemption from punishment for a criminal conviction.

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