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Example sentences for cried

The clan built a hut at the spot, and several of them cried day and night for seven days.
We all cried, moaned, whimpered and wined but our world did not come crashing down.
On this she began to cry, and cried louder and louder, and could not be comforted.
They cried out with alarm or possibly in celebration, and their faces glowed with either fear or joy.
The next day the families of the dead came on buses, and laid flowers and cried.
She laughed and cried with each and every one of them.
They have cried, they have been angry, hopefully they will move on to the next stage of acceptance.
The opposition has cried fraud, and filed hundreds of legal appeals.
Totally unprepared, she ran to the bathroom and cried.
The brother had died of starvation, and whenever the carpenter got upon that subject he cried.
It is a mistake to think that they are helpless little creatures, to be pitied and cried over because they are alone in the world.
The chattering crowd, with their rude jokes cried out from wagon to wagon, sometimes irritated him sharply.
The weight of the bone cried out for an element of lightness.
Relatives of the victims, some of whom had attended the trial every day, cried with joy and relief and hugged each other.
She told deputies they had been taken in a carjacking and cried on national television as she begged for their safe return.
She got an emotional send-off from her colleagues, many of whom cried and gave her a standing ovation.
No one knows if you cried out and sought help in time of desperation.

Famous quotes containing the word cried

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