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Example sentences for cricket

There are many humorous episodes including a wonderful cricket match.
They sat there cricket and spider, each oblivious to the other.
At the entrance to the club is a sports shop, which sells squash rackets and cricket bats.
Unlike baseball and football-or their respective precursors of cricket and rugby-basketball is egalitarian.
He has never a word to say about cricket or yachting or fox-hunting or horse-racing.
The word cricket itself has a definite figurative meaning.
He took a keen interest in every form of athletic sport, and played both cricket and football for the school.
He resolves the problem by immersing himself in the cricket scores.
The family would be teetering from too much food and drink and someone would suggest a game of cricket.
For their subjects they chose three types of cricket players, ranging in skill from national champions down to university players.
Cricket chirping is a mating call, and males compete to produce the best call.
Here, the males were far more likely to begin their courtship rituals on the webs of cricket-full females.
Thousands of books teetered perilously in his office, and a motion-sensitive door startled visitors with cricket chirps.
But they don't have consistent patterns that set one cricket apart from another.
Surveys that year showed that the island's oceanic field cricket population had plummeted.
He takes part in debates, plays chess, and enjoys reading and playing cricket.
Plus, full cricket coverage and travel wisdom with a local voice.
And cricket fans in both countries link up spontaneously.
The former banker and cricket promoter pleaded not guilty to all charges.
No pictures of his favorite sports: golf and cricket.

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