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Example sentences for cribbing

These photos show the participants practicing levering and cribbing.
Cribbing procedure may change depending on design of equipment being serviced.
No cribbing, blocking, shoring or other stabilizing methods were used to secure the load after it was raised.
Using suitable supports, such as cribbing and blocking under the raised mower deck could have prevented this fatal injury.
Wood crib is easier to build than rock cribbing, but is less durable, especially in environments visited by rot or fire.
If a crawler requires cribbing or mats then such cribbing or mats, are also in this area of dual responsibility.
Cribbing is the process whereby blocks of wood are placed under the object to support it in an elevated position.
Once a jack lifts a heavy object, the object must then be supported by either a jack stand or cribbing.
Box cribbing means arranging pairs of wood pieces alternately to form a stable rectangle.
Before working on the vehicles, the crews were instructed to stabilize the vehicles through the use of cribbing.
The log cribbing that supports the road and road shoulder has deteriorated over time and is severely compromised.
If necessary, cribbing can be used to shore up the sides of the pit.
Cribbing should fit firmly against the earthen walls on all sides.
At that time, the only available supports were conventional wood cribbing and concrete cribbing.
The cribs or cribbing boxes are themselves separated.
Horizontal clearances to adjacent roadways, existing structures, and railroads when shoring and cribbing are involved.
After all jacks were shored, using oak cribbing, the system was pressurized and the jacks began lifting.
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