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They have all been shut down for safety reasons but crew are still there working on insuring no catastrophic melt down occurs.
For the next two weeks, the crew and the science team worked around the clock, collecting hundreds of samples.
One of the more special moments in the marathon of launch events is crew walkout.
Wagoner says were useful both in production and as a tool for recruiting cast and crew members.
And while the ship did not encounter any pirates, the crew piloting the vessel was not taking any chances.
Perhaps it's the casual chumminess of the cabin crew.
But this week a ship's crew foiled a hijacking with help from a decidedly older technology: a message in a bottle.
But such ships would cost even more, as they require a steam catapult, arrester wires and a bigger crew.
As the crew struggles to cool the reactor, deadly radiation is spreading through the sub.
So the crew conserved water by drinking little and eating only wet foods.
Father found her unconscious in the bathroom, emergency crew got her heart started again.
Many of the crew had been arrested while protesting in support of their beliefs.
He led every crew excursion to new planets and took an active role in all interactions with new civilizations.
They say they fired warning shots over the heads of the crew.
The crew provide their own food and ice for the hold and split the rest.
For a determined crew on a tiny ship at the bottom of the world, the answer is easy.
When construction is finished, six crew members will be able to live and work in a space larger than a typical five-bedroom house.
Indeed, the vessel itself weighs little more than the two people who crew it.
There is a joke in the airline industry that the future crew of an airliner will consist of a pilot and a dog.
There is also new money to encourage commercial crew and cargo services to the space station.
On some ships you can sign on as a trainee crew member.
But it may end up becalmed-and lose some crew to boot.
In a detail view, you can see a grounds-crew member in a red vehicle plowing a sidewalk.
The whole boat crew pauses to stare at the screen and marvel at a piece of kelp studded with fuzzy pink anemones.
As a safety measure, the crew and engine compartments in the submarine can be made detachable and floatable.
So let the engineers, ie the sharp-pencil crew, get to work.
They're generally not invited to premières, or even to cast-and-crew parties.
He was tall, with a crew cut, and his voice was raspy from years of inhaling smoke from fires and cigarettes.
The start of previews was a few days away, and the cast and crew had begun technical rehearsals.
But the shuttle crew was not blown up, nor did they die when the shuttle broke apart.
The crew was ordered to the higher decks and armed with smoke bombs and bottles of butyric acid, which are mega stink bombs.
The boat's unusual design will offer the crew a few challenges.
Neither the planes nor the crew were ever seen again.
Most of my crew wore synthetic fibers, and they were cold and miserable.
It's always night in the world of sea vents-until a film crew summons the power to illuminate the abyss.
As my crew filled sandbags to buttress our excavations, their shovels uncovered an opening in the rock.
The rig's crew was unable to activate the blowout preventer from the rig before it sank.
The rest of the science crew is in good spirits and motivated to get more data.
After some jostling, the home crew held the edge at the halfway stage of the eight-mile course.
The stroke can't see the rest of the crew, but the crew can see the stroke.
For one thing, it is easy to spot a crew that is not well synchronised.
But it is not a giant leap to move from carrying cargo to carrying crew.
The crew help to clean the aircraft to shorten turnaround times.
It was an act of good will to release the rest of the crew.
Somehow manage the blog as if you were the foreman of a construction crew.
As a last gasp, earthlings send a crew of astronauts on a mission to reignite it.
Exploding fuel completely destroyed the tanker, killing all four crew members.
The crew's situational awareness is restricted to the enemy on the ground.
Shock absorbers the size of grain silos would cushion the cabin and crew, smoothing out the cataclysmic bumpiness of the ride.
His crew drew a circle around it, eighty feet across, and drove stakes into the ground dividing the view into ten sections.
But over the months the disjointed crew had gotten really good.
He informs the camera crew that pretty much every exorcism request-letter starts off with something about livestock.
The flight crew members found responsible resigned shortly after the event.
These rockets and crew capsules so far exist only as small models, crude foam mock-ups, and computer-graphics files.
It would mean entrusting the safety of its crew to third parties.
The researchers behind the project say the bot would have a number of attributes that would make it a valuable crew member.
To the relief of hospital administrators, the hazmat crew detected none of these chemicals in the emergency room.
We also ate lunch together with the film crew, where he told us about the history of the observatory.
He was popular, a lively coxswain for the crew team.
Now it falls to the crew to go out and de-ice the superstructure, but of course this is happening when the weather is awful.
They dithered so much that when they finally did admit that there was a problem, it was too late for the crew.
He has his road crew set up a tent with a tiny stage and shabby-chic furniture.
At the end of the room, a crew member holds aloft a cushion that stands in for a human head.
Trotter's kitchen crew never works off a set menu, but begins each day with the market's bounty and a blank sheet of paper.

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