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Data overload is creeping up on everyone, and research scientists are no exception.
Those were the days before creeping professionalization of every field.
Reverence of the military is also a symptom of creeping nationalism and proto-fascism.
The uneven stone rim and creeping vegetation enhance the lazy lagoon mood.
Since yesterday morning, she's been creeping around the cage as though her body hurts, stepping tentatively and slowly.
But at the same time, incomes have been slowly creeping up.
If your weight starts creeping up, you have to eat less.
The secret creeping evil toxic fantasy is the thing of horror films, not reality.
Or set up a web cam to watch the shadow creeping up on your solar array.
The only real reason to switch is that it is creeping up in price and our economy is unable to function at those prices.
She started creeping in shallower and shallower, which was how the game ended.
Increasingly, that argument is creeping from the margins into mainstream debate.
The right rarely even considers the possibility of creeping.
It ends up sounding obsessive and fearful-a lover's paranoia creeping in.
Nearer by, car tires chew the gravel, creeping closer.
Tigers hunt by creeping stealthily and lying in wait.
So the average age of populations in developed countries is creeping up.
And to ward off tigers from creeping into populated villages, officials have built a nylon fence around the tiger reserve.
Creeping close before a final rush, he instantly kills the calf with one snap of his powerful jaws.
Fishing and shrimping is at a standstill, and the oil keeps creeping into the marshes.
What's more, the symptoms have a way of creeping back for no apparent reason, even after an initially successful operation.
Interference by these academic managers is pervasive and creeping.
But the practice appears to be creeping into mainstream publishing as well.
Above all, it has been a creeping demographic decline.
Lately, history has been creeping up on the present more than ever.
Within a few years, however, the inevitable rebels came creeping back out of the bush.
Something seems not quite right about the half-dozen guys creeping onto the ridge in the predawn light.
One second, you'd be creeping up on an enemy encampment, the next you'd be pulverized by a kamikaze pilot.
Recently, the vowels have been creeping back up to dominance.
Now, the problem is that tourists are creeping ever closer to the emerging volcanic island.
The circling of the stars, growing slower and slower, had given place to creeping points of light.
Of leaf and creeping vine accordant with his thought.
Be commonplace and creeping, and you attain all things.
Taking advantage of this knowledge he sent his pickets, with their arms, creeping through to ours as if to desert.
The rate of creeping ignorance seems to have climbed exponentially.
As more genomes are unravelled, the creeping process of mutation-by-mutation change within the genes can be seen in detail.
Worryingly for sea-lily lovers, the latest research suggests the crabs may be creeping up the slope.
Real possibilities of changing our human nature are creeping up from a less obvious direction.
However, upcoming risks are creeping further down the road to democracy.
The result has been near-paralysis in policy and creeping austerity.
Other years find the anti-whalers creeping forward on their bellies, clutching green flags of conservation and environmentalism.
But for the past ten years the design flair of older generations has been creeping back.
Indeed, since researchers started employing genetically altered animals this way, that number has been creeping back up.
But at some point diseconomies of scale will also start creeping in.
More difficult to let go of was the killing and violence they had witnessed, which had found a way of creeping inside them.
It had been two weeks that different thoughts have been creeping in my head.
Other automakers are creeping cars without traditional trunks into their market with some success.
Baseball purists who bemoan the creeping commercialization of the national pastime have scored a victory.
Live online video coverage of sports events is creeping up the world's food chain.
Of all the creeping, crawling critters, only mosquitoes.
The bad news has been creeping up on investors for a couple of months.
The jet stream is creeping northward and weakening, new research shows.
Creeping foxtail does well in a broad spectrum of soils provided there is sufficient available water.
Garrison creeping foxtail can increase the forage yield of wet meadows.
But beneath the national contentment there's evidence of a creeping dissatisfaction too.
There are already signs the turmoil is creeping into the conventional mortgage market and other credit areas.

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