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Some one commented that it is against their creed to take this picture.
But only a few sentences later appears a statement that runs against the individualist creed.
However, more than names its a question of giving respect to all irrespective of colour, caste or creed.
Frum is loyal to the same creed, and the two books have a huge number of pop referents in common.
Hatred, bigotry, and ignorance don't need any particular creed.
Yet every seer or founder of a creed, or system, has been a politician.
In a way showing the real creed this paper should stand for: let business proper.
Economics is less a slavish creed than a prism through which to understand the world.
Now they are sworn to restore the true faith and its central creed: never raise taxes.
But it has always been a mishmash of evolving and often conflicting ideas rather than a coherent creed.
But the new generation of entrepreneurs follows a different creed.
Most have since been freed, but only after renouncing their creed.
It captures the essence of a creed that so often decries change, but has proved remarkably adept at surviving it.
All three are also helping to spread the creed in their regions.
More taxes, not less spending, is their underlying creed.
The cultivation of the feelings became one of the cardinal points in my ethical and philosophical creed.
Ethical was the only one that did not discriminate because of race, color, or creed.
Both remain at the core of his creed, and less self-righteously in his case than in some others'.
The hustler's creed says you can't sell what you can't promote.
The radical believes completely in real equality of opportunity for all people regardless of race, color, or creed.
There is a cult of people out there who dedicate their lives to making sure the creed of breastfeeding is out there.
Carter made his presidency the servant of a dying creed.
For families, of whatever creed or color, are naturally drawn to the stories of other families.

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