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Refusing to believe something in the face of scientific evidence is not skepticism, it is the height of credulity.
Some seem pretty reasonable after seeing their stories, while others still strain the bounds of credulity.
There's a huge amount of self-deception and irrational credulity in the public.
They owe to donate time and expose all the anti-Science people for what they are charlatans who live from the credulity of fools.
The emperor condemned his too scrupulous fears and credulity, and made her ample amends.
They accepted the bare word of their predecessors with a touching credulity.
While that strains credulity, it opens room for reasonable doubt.
But that might have taxed the credulity of even the unwary.
Someone who takes credulity to new and scary and non-scientifically-approved heights.
The credulity and ignorance of these people is astonishing.
Some of the annoyances can be understood, even if only at a stretch of the credulity.
Yet it stretches credulity for the party to say that it had no inkling.
But she has had to resort to credulity-stretching gymnastics to explain past utterances.
Obviously, one cannot regulate credulity out of existence, especially when everyone is telling only lies he believes himself.
There is only so much governments can do to protect people from their own credulity.
After a slow start, the tale becomes so page-turning that you scarcely mind that credulity is sometimes strained.
It was a year in sports when credulity had to have extraordinary elasticity because it was strained too often.
The moviemakers have, instead, treated their central idea so soberly that they sabotage credulity.
The characters are superficially examined and their simultaneous transformation puts a strain on the audience's credulity.
So the film strains credulity by tossing in every imaginable friendship or fit of jealousy that this menage can hold.
It thus strains credulity to view the original promise as deceptive.
Moreover, facets of the testimony offered by respondents' witnesses clearly strained credulity.

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