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In the seamy world of jailhouse informers, treachery has long been their credo and favors from jailers their reward.
Yet he seems quite convinced that the expansionist credo he once heard from an extremist settler is also, secretly, state policy.
These theorists' credo is that technology already threatens our age-old notions of privacy.
The credo is unclear about what happens when there is a conflict between responsible action and long-term profit.
Some claim a credo can help to galvanise an electorate bored by consensual centrism.
His criticism is a kind of credo for the modern world.
Use your imagination, don't recite your business school credo.
Staying in power is the party's only credo now that revolution has been jettisoned.
Yet their credo of anti-nationalism carries risks too.
Their socialist credo is: businessmen are greedy, profit is evil, wealth is always ill gotten and must be redistributed.
It was waving a fundamental credo of neuroscience in their faces.
It is a less poetic credo, but has the virtue of being true.
As you can see here, he doesn't stray too far from his credo.
Their credo, more than one of them says, is to forget what's done and face the future.

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