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With the closing of her ports by the blockade, her chance of getting any credits in the marts of the world was gone.
Sharp-eyed dinosaur fans will also see a familiar name during the episode's opening credits.
McGovern credits his relationship with alcohol to this mixed lineage-his interest is avid, not obsessive.
Currently, voluntary activities do not generate tradable emission credits.
They also want companies to receive credits for tropical forest protection activities.
Adding to these are federal subsidies and tax credits and state solar power targets.
The plan uses tax credits, loan guarantees and other incentives to promote building retrofits.
Replant tropical forests for green credits from first world countries.
Nuke production tax credits are payable only after the facility is running and are a tiny portion of the cost of production.
His owner credits acupuncture, used with other therapy, with helping restore the dogs ability to walk.
You'll want to stay for the first part of the credits, to see the film all the way to its true end.
There's a fun little sequence at the beginning of the credits.
By offering credits for their experiences, the university moved students through the program-and into jobs-quickly.
Students are encouraged to review their school's policy and degree program requirements regarding transfer credits.
In other words, these are students with credits who dropped out or earned more than they needed for a degree.
The report comes as lawmakers are debating a bill to extend several expiring tax credits.
Some of those who do not receive grant aid benefit from federal tax credits and deductions.
Loopholes, credits, exemptions and the ability to keep money overseas are part of the reason.
No matter how motivated some politicians might be to cut the deficit, some programs and tax credits are simply untouchable.
So this is sort of the mirror image of offering tax credits to companies when they hire.
Many tax credits don't apply to them, if they're phased out for people with income above a certain threshold.
Taking two years off to work odd jobs had left him without enough credits to graduate.
Because the government gives them tax credits and other subsidies to do so.
If the turning point is compelling enough, it'll keep the audience in their seats until the closing credits roll.
According to the credits next to the pictures, all came from a private collection.
Allocate credits for the total acceptable number, and they could be traded.
Forward credits could be useful in the squid business.
To avoid legal complications, companies often encourage students to work in exchange for academic credits from their college.
Users start by opening a bank account and getting credits.
Credits may have done little more than move sales around.
Countries would receive credits for payments surpluses, which would be subject to confiscatory taxes if they got too big.
Finally, it is quite clear in many cases that there is no economic basis for many green projects other than the emission credits.
At five o'clock he finishes up and heads out the door, and once again the credits roll.
These temporary credits will no longer be reflected.
The hijack itself is nicely under way by the end of the opening credits, so no one could accuse the director of hanging back.
Even the opening credits are, by design-literally so-ambiguous.
He likes the twenty-year lease and the three thousand dollars in annual electricity credits.
The sound piercing your head tells you that you should remember each name in the euphoric opening credits.
Simply put, a forest's importance to the ecosystem would be valued in the form of credits.
Oh, one last thing: if you're into comic books, make sure you stay past the end of the credits.
The credits of the simulation do not list the name of the song.
The teachers got an education, credits, and a stipend.
These vital credits face chronic opposition from powerful oil and coal lobbies and often lapse.
Companies that come in below the cap get credits, which they can sell at auction to companies that exceed the cap.
Some farmers have access to small credits and development funds, but these programs do not reach everyone who needs help.
As he pulls a knife to the throat of a chicken he'd stashed away, the scene cuts to the opening credits.
Meanwhile, the recession and slumping incomes have rendered more people eligible for such credits.
Each year the amount of earnings needed for credits goes up slightly as average earnings levels increase.
Taxpayers have two credits available to help offset the costs of higher education.

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