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Bankruptcy would have made the contracts null and void, at best in line with all the unsecured creditors.
In doing this, though, inflation helps debtors and spenders at the expense of creditors and savers.
And creditors to both businesses and consumers should ensure that an economic shock won't result in defaults as well.
There's currency risk, too, especially since many of our creditors are foreigners.
Are there any creditors that will not work with credit counseling service.
With many, it means that they lied to their wives or their creditors.
Most likely these creditors will not call in their loans-if they ever did, there would be a global financial crisis.
Creditors further down the ladder should be patient and wait their turn.
Others get pink slips when the company, now laden with debt, can't meet its payments to creditors and eventually goes bankrupt.
Even though time and time again, thousands of jobs were lost, investors and creditors were out hundreds of millions.
Secured creditors are the first to be repaid in a bankruptcy in the event there is money to be distributed.
But pressure from creditors and lenders eventually led the company to put itself up for sale.
It will not seek protection from creditors and might try to reorganize itself into a charter service, however.
We will penalise you by defaulting on your debts but not on debts to official creditors.
They often treat creditors badly too, meaning that neither side ends up satisfied.
Creditors must pay for failures, but when creditors get wary, the authorities rush to prop up markets.
In fact, governments have made a habit of stiffing foreign creditors.
More worrying still for private investors, this seems set to give official creditors preference over others.
Governments might easily decide that such promises have a better claim on tax revenues than the rights of foreign creditors.
By making it easier to dismantle a bank in trouble, the commission wants bank creditors to price in the potential for losses.
To the extent that domestic borrowers are paying interest to domestic creditors, these problems should be manageable.
What is needed is a way of pushing losses onto creditors without sparking a run that endangers the whole system.
Instead of borrowing money to pay back shareholders, companies now need to raise equity to pay back creditors.
What the government does not want, however, is to rely on foreign creditors for its borrowing.
Their cheap loans helped foreign creditors and countries alike.
The switch would be hugely costly for debtors and creditors alike.
Creditors are trying to get whatever they can out of delinquent credit card accounts.
There is no point for creditors to keep the paper open if it cannot generate cash.
He lived in a handful of countries over the next two decades, a fugitive from his creditors.
Creditors who are not represented by an attorney must file the proof of claim in paper.
Case and filing information for creditors involved in bankruptcy cases.
The notice agent named below has elected to give notice to creditors of the above-named decedent.
The use of the address shall be deemed proper notice of the creditors for purpose of the adequate protection payments.

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