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She poisons herself when her unpaid creditor threatens to expose her double life.
The debts are not sold to another creditor but forgiven outright.
In many instances, the creditor hires another company to collect the debt.
Or there is payday lending, where the borrower gives the creditor permission to take money straight from his next pay cheque.
Creditor nations can give with one hand, or stop taking with the other.
The unsecured creditor is essentially now providing a limited facility to allow a bank to work through its problem.
Not surprisingly, it is a staunch defender of creditor rights.
And these creditor countries are bound, ultimately, to run the show.
The euro zone's northern creditor governments have refused to put more of their own money into the pot.
Since then, the ownership company reached an agreement with its main creditor to sell it at auction.
But there is a surging resentment in creditor and debtor countries, and the risk of collapse.
It seemed natural that a debtor who could not pay should become the property of his creditor.
The same day he was discovered by his creditor in a restaurant eating a dish of salmon with mayonnaise.
Typically, they ask the creditor that reported the past-due information to check its records.
The first step, experts say, is to contact the creditor who reported it and have the company remove it.
The debt is a big problem but that exposes every government program, creditor, and potential future taxpayer.

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