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Example sentences for credential

Obtaining a position requires much more than coursework or the credential of the degree.
In a volatile labour market, the flexibility of a credential is of crucial importance.
Behavioral biometrics are well suited to this as they can be a single credential for this purpose.
Credential review begins immediately and continues until the positions are filled.
When you reduce education to a credential rather than an achievement, all you do is cheapen the credential.
The only obvious credential of a novelist has to do with his trade.
Many of them, in fact, are being run by teachers who are in the process of earning a credential online.
Discredit the bachelor's degree as a job credential.
Great testament for his integrity, and a ringing credential for his proclaimed senate candidacy.
State credential laws protect overpriced professions.
Being tech savvy is a prized credential among the nation's top political organizations.
Once you do, you're allocated a credential with a number on it.
Amazon also said it had tightened access credential procedures, though this is not of direct relevance to the new paper.
But there's a tremendous difference between a real meritocracy and a credential-based fake meritocracy.
All you had was a typewriter, and no one's going to fall for a credential that's typed.
It is simply because they lack the credential, the degree.
My press credential is a limited one, which doesn't give access to sporting venues.
That's something that takes that press credential that you seem to not value.
And you yourself are a credential for him, in my view.
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