creature comforts in a sentence

Example sentences for creature comforts

All they care about is their survival, their creature comforts, their interests.
Upgrade your bedroom with the latest in creature comforts.
Greening the office does not mean spending a lot of money or eliminating creature comforts in the name of sustainable living.
Great property, with all the creature comforts you could want from a first-rate resort hotel.
The resort's cabins are clean and offer many of the creature comforts guests are accustomed to, such as electricity and heat.
The campground offers some creature comforts, including restrooms, showers and a children's playground.
Many of these parks feature historic lodgings and creature comforts in addition to western wilderness.
Laundry facilities, hot showers and three restroom facilities provide campers with all the necessary creature comforts.
Creature comforts are available for all guests, with or without accompanying pets.
Creature comforts include two solar-heated swimming pools, a whirlpool and lush tropical gardens.
His particular charm is the ability to enjoy all of life's creature comforts without paying a peso of his own money.
And technology provides no guarantee of creature comforts.
The new must-have for backyard barons: pricey riding mowers with lots of creature comforts.
Comments on the program are generally positive, although some visitors wanted more creature comforts.
He, too, learned to live without creature comforts and grew to appreciate a different culture.
Some of the green technologies are aimed as much at creature comforts as they are at environmental friendliness.
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