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It's certainly not a kind or sweet thing to do to a creature.
The creature it belonged to ploughed against the current for a while, and then disappeared.
It's blue, comes from a creature more ancient than dinosaurs, and saves countless human lives.
After its wings harden, over the course of several hours to several days, the creature will become a remarkable aerialist.
The cute little creature requires a lot of ingenuity to foil because he is persistent, intelligent, and skillful.
We're sedentary people devoted to our creature comforts.
Tell students that you will provide clues about a specific feature or creature that can be found on public lands.
And an active warm-blooded creature can exceed it's predicted metabolic rate by as much as a factor of ten.
But the key to any truly superlative creature design is to surprise us and make us marvel at a new vision made real.
It is not a mythical creature or someones nightmares coming to life.
Each new birth for this extremely rare creature means another small step away from extinction.
So that creature would survive long enough to have babies.
Unable to scramble out, the creature thrashes around, seemingly drowning.
Her find is met with much skepticism, as no one believes a creature with such a long neck could actually have existed.
Always rare, the flytrap is now in danger of becoming the mythical creature it sounds as if it should be.
When her craft would bump a creature, the creature would light up.
Oh, right: those more concerned with creature comforts and spending fee money on the wrong things.
The creature is believed to be the extinct aquatic ancestor of scorpions and possibly of all arachnids.
According to legend, the salamander was a creature which thrived in fire, but died when exposed to air.
Human intelligence is unmatched by that of any other creature.
Dart was sure he had found a creature which closed the gap between apes and the first humans.
The sandcastle worm, as the creature is known, lives in a mineral shell.
It afflicts every creature on this planet, and everyone dreams of an antidote.
The roof is made of a thin membrane that can be pushed down onto the creature.
Leu and his fellow researchers to see if students would be misled into believing in this mythical creature.
The creature can vary the contrast of the lenses by controlling this fluid.
Yoga maintains that the sloth bear is a shy creature.
Pesticides can't stop the world's strongest, and arguably strangest looking, creature from devastating crops.
That, is probably why that kind of creature is sanctified and secures high-profile in this uncaring regime.
But a curious creature would soon reinsert some uncertainty.
It doesn't look lame at all, the creature in the image is clearly ambulatory.
Each biological creature does indeed have a preprogrammed life span that better health can help attain.
It would be great if all interested in getting into tortoises or any living creature really would put this much thought into it.
One likely announcement, which may happen any day of the year, is of the world's first artificial living creature.
The dragon is an awesome creature, fearsome, sprouting fire.
It is not some strange aquatic creature, but a new robotic underwater vehicle that could revolutionise the way oceans are studied.
And adaptation is not without costs: dealing with lower pH may divert a creature's resources from other ends.
But his views mark him out as a rather more interesting creature.
The griffin was itself a compound creature, half lion and half eagle.
The decrepit, bony creature's head almost touches the ground while hovering birds dive to peck his back.
They also suggested that the first turtles lived on land, where a shield is a useful defense for a slow-footed creature.
Yet despite years of study, new insight into the creature's unusual form of communication continues to come to light.
When a creature dies, its neurons don't stop working right away.
Everything can have emotions, the question is whether the emotions are felt, and whether the creature knows who feels it.
Most mutations are actually neutral, they do not harm nor benefit a creature.
During hibernation, the creature periodically wakes up, warms up and sinks back into its chilly slumber.
The investigators found that the creature's morphology depends on which species the egg comes from.
The creature extends its foot and affixes the tiny fibers with glue.
The approach, materials, and design may be drastically different from one creature to another.
Add the humble water flea, a freshwater relative of shrimp, to the list of creature with their genes mapped.
The creature's new-found fame is now stoking demand among children to turn the wild animal into must-have living toys.
It is probable that the adviser sought to gain time a little and find out with what strange creature he was dealing.
It's a political creature designed to stake out a left-of-center position rather than incorporate the best ideas from both sides.
There can now be no possible harm in telling this poor creature's story.
After they easily overpower the small creature, they take it back to the block where they proudly display their catch.
Ethically, a truly wild animal made more sense than any creature raised in confinement.
It seems every conceivable cut and creature is now available to sip.
But the ordinary action of helping a fellow creature in distress doesn't require faith at all.
Never was sea creature or bird officially targeted merely for the crime of living in the air or sea.
The former is a creature of spurts and unevenness, clattering from gag to gag, set piece to set piece.
Then, brushing her knotted fingers back and forth over its trunk, she appeared to thank a perfect living creature for its fruit.
It was a humbling sensation to stand between the creature's paws, each twice my height and longer than a city bus.
To scare off the predatory creature, people covered their homes with the color red and filled the air with loud noises.
But, the tiny creature will go down in the history books as a species in his own right.
The ultimate result is that each creature tends to become more and more improved in relation to its conditions.
The moment of finding a fellow-creature is often as full of mingled doubt and exultation, as the moment of finding an idea.
There was a bending of the rod, followed by a slight tug, characteristics shared with the snaring of any other sea creature.
After the creature's face and body have been designed in two dimensions, a three-dimensional model is created.
The not-so-hidden message is that wholesome cartoons are better for children than creature features.
The state soon found it necessary to exile this untamable creature abroad.
He's too social a creature-and as a surgeon perhaps someone who wants more control than that.
He is not a political creature, since politics requires shared interests.
Other options are justified for safety, convenience, or creature comfort reasons.
But a second sea creature clued researchers into a sodium ion channel found only on pain-sensing nerves.
Industry is not a moral being but an economic creature responding only to economic stimuli.
Then an odd and exotic new creature, a turtledove, is brought into the house and placed in a gilded cage.
Each genome contains the complete genetic information that shaped the creature to which it belongs.
More specifically, he is that statistically rare creature, a healthy infected carrier.
Dave is an absolutist and a romantic who represents the view that killing any creature is wrong.
And yet he is still an extraordinarily interesting, even a legendary, creature.
Twain knew that any picture of any human being as a self-consistent creature is a false picture.
The overwhelming impulse that wished to have the creature-shoot it if need be-later became the impulse of the poet.
The only living creature that seems really to enjoy it is a chow dog.
The creature looks as if it might be swimming through a sea of stars.
Many dinosaur artists have faced the challenge of rendering a creature on the basis of half a skeleton.
The creature would have a crazy dance step if his hip joints accordion-ed with each step.
In other words, you've got to explain how the first single- celled creature got encapsulated in a cell.
As you swim through tropical waters, you notice that a strange creature has entered your territory.
The creature is dying, its color fading, its electricity ebbing.
And that's exactly what a gruesome sea creature called the hagfish can do.
In order for it to work, the creature's predator would have to evolve an aversion to the bright colors or glow.
And now this perfect creature picks up a microphone.

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