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In every era, one city is designated as a magnet of creativity and energy.
Every artist employs a particular set of tools in the pursuit of creativity.
The exceptional creativity of immigrants doubtless reflects the sort of people who up sticks and get visas.
Judged on creativity and photographic quality, one first place winner will be selected in each category by a panel of experts.
Creativity is commonly thought of as a personality trait that resides within the individual.
Others have noted that boredom is often related to creativity.
The bad news, of course, is that all this creativity comes with a cost.
There is a strong link between mental illness and outstanding creativity in writing, a new study shows.
Demonstrated creativity and problem-solving skills, ability to adapt to changing priorities.
Developing countries are competing on creativity as well as cost.
These award-winning films celebrate the diversity, community and exhilarating creativity of our worldwide human family.
Plus, of course, the potential for more of that creativity in the future.
It would be interesting to hear the story how it all began and what influenced her creativity.
But the parodic nature of the project doesn't preclude the fans' creativity from shining through.
Demonstrated initiative and creativity in college advancement programs.
Dreams can be especially helpful for problems that require creativity or visualization to solve.
So many other things can preoccupy their creativity and get in the way.
Many companies even offer desks for free, so keen are they on the idea that collaboration breeds creativity and innovation.
The country's wealth owes more to an accident of geology-those oil and gas deposits-than to creativity or innovation.
These questions will require some thought and creativity.
Individual creativity lies in execution as well as in concept.
Sometimes daydreaming is counterproductive, but sometimes it fosters creativity and helps you solve problems.
How to foster creativity after success strikes is one thing.
But her kingdom is best known for its blossoming artistic creativity and innovation.
It has also demonstrated how differences can be appreciated and serve as a source of strength and creativity.
The main point in this composite story is that creativity is not a solitary process.
One reason why bosses might not want to be too obsessive about creativity is that generating ideas is the easy part.
Remind students that clarity is more important than creativity on this activity.
Artists' journals can be an art form unto themselves, a taxonomy of days that attempt to capture the random rush of creativity.
The age-old belief that the arts have a special claim to creativity is unfounded.
To an economist, the inspiration behind creativity is a compelling mystery.
All you need is your imagination, creativity and positive energy-and your own fabric if you so desire.
At the beginning of the fair it won an award for creativity.
Each basket is a unique expression of the weaver's creativity and inspiration that day.
After all, rebelliousness can be the stuff of creativity in filmmaking, graphic art and design.
Neither is this a solitary oasis of northern creativity.
The high stakes of the negotiations also created extraordinary moments of magnanimity, brilliance, and creativity.
Creativity is born of anxiety as the day is born of the dark night.
Judged on creativity and photographic quality, one first-place winner will be selected in each category by a panel of experts.
He took the popular palette and ran with it, choosing from it to embellish his creativity.
Creativity seems to be the one thing they can't produce yet.
And he undertook building projects of remarkable scope, ambition, and creativity.
Entrepreneurialism promotes individual creativity as well as economic dynamism.
Photos will be judged on creativity and photographic quality.
Their varying creativity in marketing, however, is remarkable.
Some parts of the region have started to exude a new sense of purpose, confidence and creativity.
It comes down to identifying the cognitive strategies that support creativity and applying them.
Awards for creativity are being given out by two organizations.
It is scored using a rubric that strongly favors a rather rigid structure and does not accommodate creativity.
In these places, people didn't believe that creativity came from inside.
Whether or not you are the one doing the discovering is a different subject, but the creativity is out there.
It's in the nature of that job that there's not a lot of room for creativity.
Occasionally, the imagination and creativity of a roleplaying game gets lost in the mix.
It's wrong to have a tax that benefits lawyers and insurance companies for their creativity in structuring tax havens.
They need to explore their own creativity and not depend on other films.
Creativity and theoretical thinking will always be the specialty of humans.
It's an excellent example of an app that encourages creativity and interaction with a device.
What can get lost with too much parental guidance are individuality, creativity and leadership skills.
Perhaps he himself is our first best example of the dearth in creativity.
If the position requires creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, show in the letter that you have some new and interesting ideas.
And previous drug mergers offer little evidence that size brings creativity.
Music and creativity shouldn't depend on how much money you have.
In addition, exposing children to art in the early stages of development stimulates imagination and creativity.
But the real fun will come as ordinary folk at home feel free to let their creativity run wild.
Excellent contest and a great platform to show someone's creativity.
It seems that our society values photographic memory more than it does logic and creativity.
There is also a blank canvas option for open creativity.
To devise common systems and methods of standardization which broaden creativity rather than narrowing it.
Producing this film is really pushing our creativity.
Your creativity will be sparked by engaging in activities that have absolutely nothing to do with your research and teaching.
Creativity is found everywhere and needs to be nurtured.
Three key factors will enable our industry to make the necessary changes: investment, creativity and courage.
It is better to approach the disease with creativity.
His wit, energy and creativity will be sorely missed.
It's a test of pure energy and creativity, and it's incredibly successful.
Edible clay by no means exhausted the region's culinary creativity.
Judged on creativity and photographic quality, a first place winner was selected in each category by a panel of experts.
Scores of rare, unpublished, and powerful photographs recall the urgency and technical creativity of both nations' efforts.
In this age of widespread education and flagging creativity, new translations abound.
Quality and creativity can come in any form and in any genre.
Many doctors fear the future will end daring, creativity, and the joys of thinking that medicine has had.
It was a supernova of creativity whose light is still arriving at our shores.
Such interdisciplinary creativity would advance education and research.
Linear thinking is not only consistent with creativity, without it creativity doesn't work.
Nonetheless sensual creativity is really different from intellectual creativity.
He argues that intelligence and artistic creativity evolved to signal high genetic quality to potential mates.
And serendipity arises when people are in a situation that fosters creativity.
Some scientists even see neural noise as the key to human creativity.
There's no better way to squelch creativity than to ridicule it.
Live response from audience challenges and boosts artist's creativity.
How science selects for perseverance and sociability at the expense of intelligence and creativity.
Or perhaps the process can work in reverse with science inspiring creativity.
In this respect, there's less creativity and curiosity provoked in teaching math and science today.
The value of solitude and introversion in a world that praises collaborative creativity.
We need to recognize the richness, diversity and creativity of this garage-sale culture.
Building gender into robots might be a way for the robots' designers to express their own playfulness and creativity.
Isn't there anyone left with some creativity in their bones.
Innovation, the successful transformation of an idea into breakthrough customer value, requires creativity and entrepreneurship.
We need an entrepreneurial energy system, with loads of creativity, risk and return.
Rents are cheap, graffiti is everywhere and the air crackles with a creativity that comes only from a city in transition.
Innovation and creativity are the engines of economic growth.
While creativity during dunk contests has had its ebbs and flows over the years, dunking in games has never become stale.
But doing both allows me to keep a balance in my creativity.
The notion that lengthening copyright increases creativity is questionable, however.
Scientists have found a link between creativity and living abroad.
Extending and strengthening copyrights, they claim, will help a handful of big corporations crush creativity in the digital age.
There is a thin line, it seems, between the freedom that spurs creativity and a free-for-all.
To become quicker, large corporations must set free entrepreneurial energy and creativity at all levels.
Betting against the net is foolish because you're betting against human ingenuity and creativity.
He is right that the leaden hand of the state has often suppressed individual freedom and creativity.
In their quest for creativity, they surely have something to learn from the creative industries.
He taught everyone to see the developing world not as an also-ran but as a vortex of innovation and creativity.
We need to muster our creativity and talent to construe new and effective instruments.
No system is perfect, but all educational systems need to encourage independent thinking and creativity to a degree.
Another, no less grave, result is the dearth of creativity.
But social networking and new models for supporting creativity have turned the web into a modern horn of plenty.
His creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and attention to detail has benefited millions.
Composing music requires creativity and mental agility.
There would be a lot of scope for creativity in design for materials scientists and engineers.
Way to expand the scientific creativity with this article.
Perhaps there are flaws in your education system but at the same time that system fosters creativity and innovation.
It persuasively argues that error is the flip side of creativity.
But his intellectual energy and creativity never wavered.
For it would demand the kind of political creativity, boldness, and skill that have been disastrously in short supply.
It's a great job, but my scope of creativity is much more narrow.
The impact of aids on fashion itself can't be measured in a literal way, but it clearly affected creativity as well as business.
As for video games, further research will be needed to prove a causal link between games and creativity, she says.
You'll also be able to fully leverage your creativity and ingenuity.
To hone your group's collective creativity in ways that makes a team of three or four people more effective than dozens.
Less constraint means more opportunity for innovation and creativity.
One of the major themes in your work is that various economic changes have shifted more emphasis onto creativity and ideas.
Grab a skillet and some friends, and put your cartons and creativity to work.
Use creativity ideas to make that special someone feel special during the upcoming week.
Defense leaves its guts, and other parts, on the field and the offense has no creativity.
There has been this incredible creativity in designing chew toys for dogs.
In a culture of creativity, there's nothing wrong with keeping people off balance.

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