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The outer walls of the dwellings were plastered with a smooth coat of mud, and the upper facades painted creamy white.
You'll need a smooth, creamy, crystallized honey that you'll use as your seed or starter.
The creamed spinach is buttery without being excessively creamy.
The risotto turned out smooth and creamy, its colorful contents playing brightly off the stout-colored rice.
It's a soupy, creamy street food that's recently entered the realm of haute cuisine.
Another friend pretty much only likes foods that are beige: pasta, potatoes, creamy sauces.
Rice grits cook up with a texture that's creamy, sticky or pearly depending on how you treat them.
The two pieces of white bread with the creamy goodness between them had finally arrived.
Apparently the fruit's sweet, creamy center is a treasure worth pursuing if you can bear the stink and get past the spiky husk.
Put butter in a bowl, and with small wooden spoon work until creamy.
Chop suet and work with the hand until creamy, then add figs.
Chop suet, and work with the bands until creamy, then add figs.
Avoid overheating bowl, as butter will become oily rather than creamy.
Wash one-third cup butter, add one cup powdered sugar gradually, and beat until creamy.
Put in a bowl and work with a wooden spoon until soft and of creamy consistency.
Sometimes the white intricacies of dropping foam become opaque and creamy.
Food particles and water are spun off as a creamy gunk that he removes with a rag.
As a result it can still taste creamy even though it has half the fat.
The chromolithograph with its flesh reds stands as an oval vignette on the creamy fragment of coated paper.
They were a beautiful creamy white threaded with gold.
The creamy oil painting you carried in your head turned into house paint.
Beat together egg yolks and caster sugar until creamy.
Remove the mixture from the heat and continue beating until the mixture reaches a thick, creamy consistency.
Stalks of yucca burst with huge bouquets of tough, creamy white blossoms as big as ladling spoons.
Its eyes were deep amber and its tail large and creamy with a jagged dark line cutting across it.
Stir this mixture back into the soup to give it a creamy consistency.
But the soup was incredible: a combination of salmon, haddock, and shrimp in a slightly sweet creamy broth.
The creamy, understated bean purée is a great foil for the intense flavor of grilled sardines.
Fat has what chemists call mouth-feel: a creamy texture and a tendency to melt onto the tongue.
Crunchy on the outside, creamy and nutty inside, these fries are totally over the top.
Sweet bay shrimp meld perfectly with grilled corn and creamy risotto.
By any name, the grain has an appealing earthy, wholesome flavor and a texture that's at once chewy and creamy.
Leaf colors include green shades as well as silvery blue, gray, and creamy yellow.
Creamy, savory bread pudding with a crunchy top is a satisfying, easy dinner.
Sour cream and fat-free mayonnaise make this salsa rich and creamy.
Deep-fried cubes of tofu puff up and become chewy on the outside and creamy on the inside.
In a large bowl with an electric mixer, cream the butter and cream cheese on medium speed until creamy.
To you, ice cream might mean a chilly, creamy vanilla cone.
In another small bowl, combine cocoa and espresso, whisking in milk until creamy.
She is usually forced to go on a diet after a round of chicken patties and other creamy foods.
Pounded flat and fried, the fowl was juicy and crisp, though nearly outshone by its side dish of creamy mashed potatoes.
Within this surprising package are dainty wafers with creamy fillers, delicious shortcakes, chocolate covered biscuits.
The golden sheen of the instruments contrasted with the creamy white of the walls and the blue of the skylight above.
It's a summer day with the same blue sky and unserious puffs of creamy cloud as on the postcards.
If you don't stir constantly you will not get the creamy starch to come off the rice and make your sauce.
In times of stress and anxiety, creamy, hand-churned butter can be a wonderful comfort food.
Add lemon juice and continue to whip until yolks are creamy lemon yellow.
But don't let him trim off the thick layer of creamy white fat.
Right on top was a bunch of purple kale that had me dreaming of tagliatelle topped with it and some creamy ricotta.
The creamy edges taste rich and fatty, deliciously infused with the herbs.
Overall, the rice was a good dish--creamy and safe in a comfort food kind of way, but with some unusual flavors and textures.
Toasted sesame paste is the creamy base for the spunky sauce here.
Their slightly tangy flavor balanced the sweetness of the creamy chestnut soup.
Although the recipe said the mixture should be thick and creamy, these red beans were soupy.
No party is complete without a dish of creamy, chunky guacamole.
Top anything with a fried egg and you've got an instant, creamy sauce.
Polenta doesn't require much introduction: it is creamy and delicious.
Rich, creamy and nutty, this is an oil to be savored.
In diet salad dressings and similar products inulin is used to mimic fat, and it does make nonfat yogurt surprisingly creamy.
Its creamy texture and deep flavor were distantly familiar.
The nearer peaks are perchance clad in sapphire blue, others far off in creamy white.
Creamy pasta with roasted zucchini, almonds and basil.
And baked beans, exceptionally creamy after their long simmer in the oven, can be made into perfect vegan fare.
The toasted crumbs on top have a cheesy crispness, and the pasta beneath is creamy and rich.
Now imagine creamy grits, oyster skillet roast, and pulled pork.
Sprightly bits of lemon zest and garlic punctuate this creamy mayonnaise-based egg salad.
The malty flavor of stout lends welcome contrast to this sweet, creamy dessert sauce.
Beneath a creamy layer of tapioca pudding lurks a silky strawberry base.
Raspy and crispy on the outside, creamy and sweet on the inside.
Everyone loves mac and cheese, but not everyone knows about the history behind this creamy comfort food.
It was awesome-creamy, complex, and chewy with marshmallow bits.
Although they commonly spice up everything from stews to tamales, rajas are best when adding a kick to creamy dishes.
Here, artwork takes center stage while modern furniture and creamy white walls create a warm-yet-neutral setting.
It's a lighter yellow in color and makes incredibly creamy soups.
But there's another choice: a creamy, fruity, crunchy yogurt parfait.
My only gripes were that the cheese sauce was more runny than creamy and sometimes developed oil puddles when it settled.
She reported that she'd spooned up creamy milk chocolate pots de creme cooked and served in the eggshell.
Good manners were the creamy lie the great powers poured on the toxic gruel of their realpolitik.
Dogs won't go near such froufrou fare, preferring things sweet or salty and enjoying both rough and creamy textures.
Unlike soy and miso-based ramen dishes, the broth is creamy with pork fat and is absolutely delicious.
His charm can seem too creamy sometimes, his legend so large it starts to overwhelm the output of his brief life.
If you want a creamy salad dressing, add a few tablespoons of water to the dip.
The skin darkens when the fruit is ripe and its flesh turns to a creamy pale green.
There are many thickeners and stabilizers added to ice cream to make it feel creamy in the mouth.
They vary in color from creamy white to shades of violet.
They are available as clear oil or creamy pourable shortening.
The small, creamy-white flowers occur in branched clusters.
Bright green upper lip and creamy to yellowish belly.

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