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The craze spawned grand notions about virtual communities alleviating society's ills.
About a century ago, a new craze gripped the country's health conscious: mastication.
The current autism pseudo-science craze is that childhood vaccines cause autism.
The hamburger craze started about five years ago, and now every trendy new place has to have le hamburger on the menu.
They did so voluntarily, even before the subprime craze.
As cars undergo a hybrid craze, planes need a similar innovation revolution, or else prices and pollution will continue to rise.
They often begin their posts mid-thought or mid-rant-in medias craze.
But this fleece-loving city that launched the grunge music movement and a national espresso craze is no backwater.
But the biggest factor driving the pangolin craze and price increase is the animal's scarcity.
Given the new craze, it's a pleasure to have artists who are as easy on the eye as on the ear.
But maybe this is another reason for the cuteness craze.
The intensity and sudden outbreak of the craze are equally notable.
Maybe this is why the barefoot craze was such a craze they're all high.
After a decade of the tattoo craze, there probably aren't many designs that never got inked.
The city is one of the first to embrace the geocaching craze with an official citywide treasure hunt.
At the same time, though, the craze for bagged greens had begun.
The micro-distilling craze gets even more micro with limited-edition booze infused with geek concentrate.
With all these uses, lots of armed services are getting in on the remote turret craze.
With scads of sites competing to cash in on the community-generated music craze, the discerning artist may need some guidance.
The latest craze in no-frills accommodation is for rooms without a view-or even a window.
His sin was to have been caught napping by the smart-phone craze.
But greenery, the new on-campus craze, is different.
The craze ended swiftly: it wasn't really becoming for grown-ups to scoot down pavements, scattering pedestrians.
Notably, a speculative craze has gripped the market for caterpillar fungus.
Some worry that the craze for government jobs may be bad for business.
Regulators beware, unless you are part of this craze.
No other country is better placed to cash in on the global craze for biofuels.
But that is no reason to get carried away by this new management craze.
Now he is hoping the ethanol craze will convince cities to strike deals with him.
And this isn't the first time that a new craze has swept through the airport security world.
We've eaten our way through the cupcake craze and the doughnut craze.
They're the latest craze to sweep the country and everybody wants one.
The media feeds this sports craze, as do economic realities which often tempt people to cut the rule-book corners.

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