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There is nothing so wonderful as crawling into a book, getting up and walking around in it.
And there is that centipede crawling into her hair, along with various and sundry other big bugs crawling all over her.
The investigator drops the drumstick, which he then realizes is crawling with maggots.
Running, crawling, they tried to retreat to safety but found nowhere to go.
The crew slips through a narrow horizontal slot on the side of the mine, crawling headfirst down a boulder-filled slope.
Ants, millipedes, beetles and other crawling creatures are much more likely to wander into jaws opened wide on the forest floor.
The octopuses had a way of crawling out of it in the early hours of the morning to die under furniture.
Mechanics are crawling over its dismantled left engine.
He was a flat-out, knee-crawling thug with the morals of a weasel on speed.
The only way to proceed now was by crouching and, on uncertain ground near the edges, crawling.
The noises it made were abnormal, sort of muffled and pinched, as if scores of insects were crawling across the sound.
The team proceeded inland, almost crawling, for half a mile.
It was a wave of people, crawling inland with babies and baskets piled on their heads and shoulders, searching for higher ground.
The view of the ordinary traveler is as inadequate as that of an ant crawling over a magnificent rug.
At first blush, it might seem that a wall-crawling robot and a gecko do not have much in common.
That's an average pace well below the crawling speed of an earthworm.
Reprogramming the brain such as crawling seems to have some promise in my thinking.
It's no different from someone crawling underneath and ruining my brakes.
Video of the bat shows it crawling rather adeptly over forest floors, logs and into burrows.
Radioactive liquid was dripping when he was crawling underneath the blown reactor.
Yet it is the fall-out from a slow-crawling corruption case that could prove more wounding.
The world's arenas were already crawling with dinosaurs, in the form of old rock stars.
He could raise people from the dead, even when ants were already crawling over them.
It recently announced plans to make kerb-crawling an arrestable offence.
No private-equity firm wants to sign a blank cheque, and few would welcome regulators crawling over their books.
While crawling in a small tunnel in the presence of an odour, the insects received an electric shock.
The condition has been likened to a handful of tortoises crawling around the bottom of a well.
Those guys crawling under the rear bumper are trying to repair the engine.
Sixty million years ago, on a planet crawling with mammals, one tree dweller rose above the crowd on paper-thin wings.
There's even a publication packed with information and recipes on crawling invertebrates.
Learn more about how these flying, climbing, and crawling creatures do their important job.
More than once, team members lightly brushed a tiny bug while turning over a rock, or crawling along: end of troglobite.
She doesn't walk right-- she drags herself as if she's crawling and she won't look at you.
Nine-year-old boys patrol the crawling traffic, cautioning drivers to buckle their seatbelts.
Camera footage at the restaurant shows her crawling under the table.
Early on, there's an extended description of a land turtle crawling along-indomitable, symbolic.
Now the thing's got six legs and some seriously creepy crawling abilities.
Or it may form the stalk right away, without crawling.
But the names and types of ants crawling around city parks and streets are largely unknown to researchers.
The terrain includes rock crawling, dune jumping and anything else you can imagine.
The exploration includes climbing and belly crawling with the use of helmets and headlamps.
So the zombies have to keep coming at you, crawling over the walls and across the ceiling.
Record-breaking critters are always crawling, hopping, swimming or otherwise locomoting across our radar.
He no longer babbled, and he had lost interest in crawling or walking.
Third, you are a sea snail so you are not adapted to crawling on land.
The plants are also often crawling with the caterpillars of the burnet moth, which also contain a toxic dose of cyanide.
Whenever he heard of some congestion, he hightailed it to the scene and took some footage of cars crawling along in the next lane.
Three specimens have been found, with the longest being slightly more than twenty inches in length when crawling.
But you don't have many twisty-tailed dogs, so you cross those few together and soon your place is crawling with twisty-tails.
Think about army ants and you probably picture a large swarm of individuals crawling over the ground.
The patient had told the relative about waking one night to a bat crawling on his arm.
He dropped to his knees and started crawling to the exit.
What happened: shoving, wrestling, crawling on the floor.
Everything comes crawling up to the shore in the shallowest part of the river, trying to pump water through their gills.

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